911 Chef Meals uses recurring payments for simplicity

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911 Chef Meals uses PayWhril’s recurring payments to provide gourmet meals to individuals and families with dietary restrictions on a regular basis. Each meal is balanced with protein, veggies, condiments, and essential fats to help customers achieve their weight-loss goals. Whether customers are following their lean & green program or their whole 30 juice cleanse, 911 Chef Meals has solved many of their customers’ dietary dilemmas.

Need for Simplicity

Over the years, 911 Chef Meals has cycled through a few subscription billing apps searching for a simple and user-friendly platform. They found PayWhirl’s ability to create payment plans/pricing table widgets and display a customer portal on their Shopify site, a game-changer. Overall, PayWhirl’s out-of-the-box recurring payments tools have helped 911 Chef Meals set up and maintain a successful subscription program.

“Easy and the best way for our company to continue to maximize growth!”

911 Chef Meals Owner

Why PayWhirl’s Recurring Payments

Similarly to other companies, 911 Chef Meals operates a lean staff where the owner and a few employees plan, order, cook, package, and deliver meals to customers. After finding PayWhirl, they were able to onboard customers with ease, and schedule recurring payments using PayWhril’s pricing table widget. Most importantly, PayWhirl’s customer portal allows customers to manage their subscriptions without the help of 911 Chef’s staff.

Currently, 911 Chef Meals use a pricing table widget to displays different payment plans and delivery options. In short, this allows customers to select subscription(s) based on their diet and delivery options, based on their schedule.

PayWhirls Benefits

PayWhirl’s recurring payments have helped 911 Chef’s staff remain focused on their client’s success by creating healthy, naturally balanced food. Overall, PayWhirl’s complete solution to onboard and manage subscription customers has allowed 911 Chef Meals revenue to grow steadily since thier customers no longer need to be reminded to pay.

“Since adding Paywhirl, our sales have continued to grow!”

911 Chef’s Meal’s Owner

Advice & Results from 911 Chef’s Meals

In short, PayWhirl’s recurring payments allow 911 Chef’s Meals to keep up the pace.

“We live in a period of demand and non-stop activities, events. However, adding PayWhirl helped keep sales soaring!”

911 Chef’s Meal’s Owner

PayWhirl helps simplify weekly ordering by allowing customers to select the options they want and placing orders weekly, with the relevant selections made by those customers.

“I highly Recommend Paywhirl; it’s brought simplicity to ordering.”

I you have any questions about digital subscriptions, please feel free to reach out through the live chat on https://app.paywhirl.com. We’re here to help!

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