How Golden Soles utilizes PayWhirls’ “friendly” payments platform

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Where do you go to get the latest “drop info” on exclusive, hard to find street and footwear? Golden Soles is where you go. Owner Michael Cohen has been passionate about learning the easiest most successful ways of owning rare and fashionable shoes and clothing.  He has grown with time and technology for over 7 years and now shares his knowledge and experience with others through his subscription trials and tribulations, before eventually discovering PayWhirls’ friendly payment platform.

User Friendly

“I found Paywhirl to be the easiest, most user-friendly, and cost productive Shopify plug-in for recurring payments”

Michael found PayWhirl through Shopify when setting up to offer his first subscription over a year ago.

PayWhirl was designed to be easy to use and flexible “out of the box.” You can customize it per your needs. One of the ways we do this is with embedded widgets for things like pricing tables, payment forms, up-sells, and more.  Everything is a copy and paste action, so no developer is technically needed.  We also offer several integrations with apps and services to add functionality to your account.

Since Shopify is a popular integrated app among our customers, we have extensive, user-friendly payment platform support documents.  We walk you through how to use all options offered with Shopify; you can check them out here.  We are also available for one on one support to help with your specific need(s).

Developers can use PayWhirls’ API to develop on top of our system using generated API Key(s) for more custom development.  We also offer Webhooks which can be set up in the developer section of the dashboard.  You can use certain webhooks to receive push notifications for things like processing orders with a fulfillment service, adding customer records, or sending automated emails when an action occurs in your PayWhirl widget. Webhooks give you the flexibility to integrate Paywhirl with any other web service.

Shopify Rates

“I have not used any other payment platforms, I found Paywhirl offers what I need and more.”

Businesses who sign up to PayWhirl through Shopify use their Shopify payment method for PayWhirl charges.  With Shopify billing, all monthly SaaS fees are billed directly to your Shopify account.  This transaction charge is added to your monthly invoice.  There is no contract so you can adjust your plan at any time.    

Customer Service

“If you are looking to start a subscription base/recurring payment program, PayWhirl is very friendly and their staff is very useful to helping you get the ball rolling”

Our customer service reps are not outsourced, or reading from scripts of “how to” steps.  They know and understand the language and our product.  Because of this anyone you reach will be able to address and fix or solve your problem.  If you have a problem we have a solution.  We also have a list of experts and developers that can work with PayWhirls API if you need help customizing or integrating with 3rd party apps.

Advice for others

“At first, it may be difficult to gain members. However, do not give up if you are struggling to gain members. It is similar to an avalanche effect, where it will continue to grow larger and larger each month”

Michael Cohen – Owner

Michael uses PayWhirl to manage all 4 of his subscriptions, soon to be 5.  Golden Soles has customers all across the world, and PayWhirls’ friendly payment platform is with him every step of the way.  No matter the currency, language, or the number of subscriptions offered, we will have whatever he needs as he grows; and if we don’t, we will make it, create it or write the code for it. If your payment platform isn’t providing you with everything you need, check out PayWhirl, where our customers’ needs come first.