Monthly subscription management helps BelliWelli take the BS out of IBS

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BelliWelli offers the first soft-baked, low-fodmap snack bars with probiotics to market. The products are perfect for people who know the daily gut struggle and want a sweet treat that won’t hurt their stomach later. Customers can make a one-time purchase or opt into a monthly subscription recurring order plan.

Taking the BS out of IBS

BelliWelli is the brainchild and passion project of husband and wife team, Kate and Nick Wilson. After Kate had experienced six colonoscopies, four endoscopies and twenty-six rounds of antibiotics, she was more interested in treats than treatment. So her chef in shining armor, her husband Nick, spent countless late nights in the kitchen crafting a gut-friendly treat she could eat without worrying about the consequences.


Crowdsourcing a monthly subscription management provider

Kate learned about PayWhirl through word-of-mouth. It’s the first monthly subscription management solution BelliWelli has implemented. Since it’s launch, PayWhirl’s integration has gotten gotten rave reviews from customers.

“PayWhirl came highly recommended by a number of other founders in the space. We use PayWhirl for our monthly subscription management and our customers love it!”

Kate Wilson, BelliWelli CEO

Advice from BelliWelli’s CEO

“PayWhirl is easy to use which was a big plus and integrates into our site nicely. I think generating recurring revenue and offering monthly subscription services are key metrics for any e-commerce business.”

Kate Wilson, BelliWelli CEO

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