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Selvedge magazine sells print and digital subscriptions about textiles to a passionate community of enthusiasts. Since its inception in 2004, Selvedge magazine has morphed from a textile magazine to an all-inclusive community of textile lovers, featuring print and digital subscriptions, workshops, fairs, and stores.

Need for a streamlined process

Over the years, Selvedge’s team had added 4 overlapping subscription billing systems. Each billing system had unique features used to charge customers for their subscription digital or print magazine. Having multiple overlapping of systems caused lots of issues, and following their move to Shopify, Selvage’s owner started to look for a way to streamline their subscription billing system.

Enter PayWhirl for digital subscriptions

PayWhirl’s ability to create payment plans/widgets, add those widgets to Shopify, and manage customers’ subscriptions was what Selvedge magazine needed to streamline their subscriptions after moving to Shopify.

We use PayWhirl for our magazine subscriptions. The subscription process is so smooth now, it’s made a huge difference. We made record sales this year despite COVID.

Selvedge magazine

To offer subscription billing on PayWhirl, Selvedge magazine uses a Widget (pricing table widget) connected to two Payment plans. PayWhril’s pricing table widget can display 1 plan billing monthly and another billing every 6 months. Allowing Selvedge magazine to seamlessly offer customers the option to choose from one of two payment plans and proceed to checkout, all using PayWhirl’s pricing table widget. The icing on the cake for companies like Selvedge magazine is PayWhril provides all of the functionality needed for subscription billing under one roof.

example of a digital subscription widget by PayWhirl

PayWhirl’s benefits

Like many companies, Selvedge magazine, over the years, added an array of apps to its website to increase subscriptions and customer retention. Though, in the long run, lost customers due to frustration and inefficiencies in the subscription payment process. Once Selvedge magazine found PayWhirl, they were able to remove their existing four apps. Currently, they use PayWhirl to manage their magazine’s subscription billing in place of their old four apps.

Once Selvedge found PayWhirl’s subscription billing & management app, they were able to remove their existing 4 apps in favor of one app (PayWhirl) to manage all of their magazine’s subscription billing.

Our efficiency rate has increased (how many people choose to keep their subscriptions vs. canceling). We have fewer customers emailing about problems… It has helped us to be able to focus on marketing and increasing our subscriber numbers. The system runs as it should, leaving us the time to make, market, and sell our product!

Selvedge magazine

Advice & Results from Selvedge magazine

Focus on “being sure your provider has great customer service.”

 “Make sure your provider has great customer service. At the end of our search, it was a tie between 2 providers. We ended up going with Paywhirl as the customer support was good.

Selvedge magazine

After being with PayWhirl for under a year

We have managed to increase our subscribers with 11% in the last quarter alone and have saved so much time. The payment platform is a very important area to get right, and we are so happy to have found Paywhirl.

Selvedge magazine

If you have any questions about digital subscriptions please feel free to reach out through the live chat on we’re here to help!

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