Trick or Treat? Maximize revenue/sales with this trick!

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When it comes to managing your business, one of the most substantial challenges is getting customers to your site and purchase your products or services. Too many companies are throwing away all of the time and money spent acquiring the customers, by not vaulting payment information for a future sale.

Today’s most successful businesses are already using this strategy to dominate the online sales market. It is one of the easiest ways to break down the barrier for purchase. Major companies like Amazon have pioneered this simple technique, and now you can take advantage of it too.

Every aspect of the checkout is designed to help your business grow.

As customers go through the checkout flow, their information is captured at every step. For example, they are prompted to create an account before they enter their payment information. Some customers may decide to abandon the checkout process after they have provided an email address.

Instead of discarding this potentially valuable customer information, we create the customer record in PayWhirl with the email address and trigger the “Welcome Email” in your account. This allows you to add your inactive customers to an email list later on to re-market to them and offer them something to return. You can even automate this process with our MailChimp integration.

Are you making the mistake of thinking your business won’t benefit from a recurring payment system?

Every business can benefit from vaulted payment information in one way or another. Here are 3 common misconceptions about recurring payments.

1 – “I don’t need recurring payments because my products are not subscriptions.”

That’s ok PayWhirl has you covered. You can create on-time payments plans for customers then vault their payment information for a future purchase. This way, it is easier for them to come back to your site and purchase another item. This could be just another one-time purchase, or you get the most out of the system by creating a monthly subscription box as well. Many clients end up also creating a subscription box bundle with some of their most popular items. Not only does this increase your sales as customers sign up for the box, but you could use the package to include items that are not selling. This could be to just clear out random things that have been clogging up your inventory, or it could be to give customers a sample of something new.

2 – “I have thousands of products, creating a plan for each one would take way too long.”

PayWhirl has you covered here too. One of our most popular features is the ability to create membership discounts for your site. With our Shopify integration, we can tag customers with their subscription to give them additional discounts through your store. With our BigCommerce integration, we can assign them to customer groups to get special members-only discounts. Not only does this add to your revenue stream, but you’re encouraging customers to buy from you, not your competitors.

3 – “I don’t want customers to leave my site to check out”

Unlike many of our competitors who redirect customers to a 3rd party checkout page that is off your site, our system is designed to be completely seamless. Customers never get redirected to a 3rd party site, in fact, the customer doesn’t even have to leave the page they are on! Instead, you embed a PayWhirl ‘widget’ directly into the page. This could be the existing product page or a custom page you designed just for the subscription. Even the customer portal, the ‘widget’ customers use to manage their subscription, can be embedded directly in your site. From the customer’s point of view, they are just creating an account with your website. They never have to know you are using PayWhirl.

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