Chosen Masters Music Mastering SaaS

Chosen Masters utilizes our recurring billing tools for their mixing & mastering SaaS app

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Chosen Masters uses PayWhirls’ recurring billing and features for their online mixing and mastering SaaS app. Their flagship online mastering software revolutionized the way producers and musicians master songs affordably from their web browser. It’s a semi-automated, professional-grade audio mastering tool that adds color and brilliance to your music.

For the longest time, instant mastering services weren’t ideal for getting top tier professional audio mastering results.  So Elon Sharar created Chosen Masters changing the game forever.  This tool uses modern technologies like compressors, dithers, mixers, noise reduction dynamic ranges etc. to bring an extra punch to kicks, basses, leads, and drums; all while adding color and cleaning up the middle to hi-end frequencies.  Furthermore, anyone at any skill level can use it to easily enhance their audio mastering workflow creating an end result even the most seasoned mastering engineers have trouble achieving.

“PayWhirl gives us the infrastructure to run PayPal and credit card payments in a subscription based way with an easy to use admin dashboard.”

Recurring Billing Options

PayWhirls payment schedule software is engineered for flexibility.  Chosen Masters accepts single unit sales, offers subscription products, and has freemium customers.  Not only does PayWhril support those options, but they also give you one place to manage all recurring billing options; in the dashboard.  Here you can edit customer profiles, shipping addresses, update payment methods, change customer subscriptions, manage promo codes, and more. 
You also set up and manage all integrations, including payment gateways, through the dashboard. You and your team will always have one place to go to manage billing options.  Flexibility is what PayWhirl is known for, and Chosen Masters uses to maximize time spent on their recurring billing.

“We tried coding our own payment system in the beginning, but it was never as robust or powerful as PayWhirl.”

Features To Rely On

Chosen Masters has grown to count on PayWhrils features like detailed data reports exported in many formats and promo code options, but that’s not all PayWhirl has to offer. Aside from their extensive security measures, another feature they provide is customization per your brand.  So from billing reminders, invoices, thank you emails, and checkout pages you can make PayWhril as visible or invisible as you want. 

They also offer embedded payment widgets you can use alone or chain together to create a custom checkout funnel; which you can also customize to reflect your brands’ identity.  In addition, PayWhirl lets your customers manage their own accounts with a customer portal which ultimately gives them control to make changes or updates to payment methods, shipping addresses, subscriptions, etc.; so they can do it at their convenience without having to contact you directly.  PayWhrils features are an added bonus to their already flexible platform Chosen Masters values.

Advice from Chosen Masters

  • Find a chat app you and your team are comfortable with to communicate with customers; this helps make them feel secure in signing up for your product/service.
  • Don’t offer to many promotions even if you see growth and sign-ups.
  • Promo codes can be great if you’re calculated but can harm your conversions if you use them too often.