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How One Nation Coffee uses subscription plans to help the WLS Foundation

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OneNation Coffee is a Veteran, and Law enforcement owned roast-to-order coffee company that also offers subscription plans. They donate a dollar of every bag sold to the WLS Foundation; a non-profit that helps veterans and law enforcement recover from the effects of PTSD. They roast in small batches to ensure freshness upon delivery. In addition to offering several different roasts and grinds, they also offer their customers’ subscription plans; in weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly frequencies.

OneNation Coffee started as a little more than an idea between life-long friends John Richards and Philip Moniz. The idea took root and grew into a company that roasts the highest quality coffee. They seek to support traditional American values upheld by members of the united states military, law enforcement, and First Responders.

“PayWhirl is a great fit”.

Subscription Plan Options

OneNation uses Paywhirl as the subscription service platform; people can sign up, set up their own accounts, and make changes to their subscription plans at any time. They have not only helped with customer retention, but their customer service response time is also quick and efficient too.

Paywhirl integrates with Squarespace and other online platforms. You can create and customize payment widgets that work with your product and integrate them into your selling platform. It’s easy to set up different subscription plans and add them to widgets so you can offer several payment options to your customers.

Pricing and Fees

They like Paywhirl because there are no upfront or monthly fees, just a small percentage of the product you sell. In the past, they have used PayPal, but the fees were too high. They tried Chargebee too, but it would not integrate with their other web platforms. PayWhirl understands small businesses can’t afford the high monthly premiums other subscription services charge businesses so they have flexible pricing.

“We have enjoyed using PayWhirl for our company and would recommend it for your small business as well!!”