How the Five Day Startup utilizes our recurring billing platform to manage their B2B subscription services

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The Five Day Start Up is a consulting firm focused on helping businesses start their online presence. PayWhirls’ recurring billing platform helps them offer subscription packages to customers based on their needs.  The Five Day Startup is focused on empowering businesses in an online space; by building targeted audiences, establishing their brand, and generating leads and sales.  Specifically, monetizing social media accounts and selling on Amazon is a great way to grow revenue and the help businesses scale.

Founder Scott Bartnick is an entrepreneur who’s been in the game for a long time and is successful because he learned how to grow with changing times.  His frustration with all the existing options out there offering “marketing services” without merit and previous experiences being scammed sparked the idea for The Five Day Start Up. 

Scott wanted to offer what he couldn’t find himself when looking for the same services.  Scott wanted to provide consulting services to business owners in need of an online presence and does it with strategic Amazon sales, marketing, and website development.  His tailor-made services are specific to client’s needs so customers purchase monthly recurring billing plans. He also provides a “one-click cancellation” option with PayWhirl.

“I have used most payment platforms; nothing has been as simple to manage as PayWhirl for recurring payments.”


PayWhirl lets you manage your customers and gives your customers control to manage their own accounts also.  It doesn’t matter if you have a B2C or B2B type of business; our billing platform provides the tools needed to benefit from recurring revenue.

The concept is so simple; it’s elementary; PayWhirl gives The Five Day Start Up a dashboard to control their subscriptions, and clients, and has a Customer Portal for clients to manage their account details and information.

The Five Day Start Up likes our one-click cancellation policy and tools because there’s never an obligation or contract pinning customers down.  With PayWhirl, you can also quickly reactivate a canceled subscription for customers and restart their previous recurring billing cycle. 

“The user interface on both ends is very clean and user-friendly.”

Recurring Billing Tools

Plans in PayWhirl are versatile and customizable in a variety of ways.  We let you set the rules to charge your customers and create custom billing schedules that are automated.  You can customize details like billing on specific days, for a specified number of payments, or billing on different frequencies. 

With PayWhirl, you can also chain plans together to create completely custom billing schedules for customers. Businesses can achieve a variety of different recurring billing use cases such as, layaway, rentals, pre-orders, backorders, interval pricing, prepaid subscriptions, incremental/subsequent subscriptions, automated discounting of subscriptions, and more. 

Chaining plans together lets the business control how each payment places orders, charges taxes, shipping, etc.  The Five Day Start Up offers services in three departments, and there are three plans to choose from per department which can also be customized. This is why PayWhirl works so well for their recurring billing use case.

“If you are looking to have your store up tomorrow and a simple user interface PayWhirl is for you!”

Advice from The Five Day Start-Up

There are many options out there, but most take more work to set up and customize. I have used PayPal, Stripe, Venmo, Shopify, and Subscriptions by ReCharge and nothing has been as simple to manage as PayWhirl has been for recurring payments.

The Five Day Startup can help you with all your Amazon and Instagram business needs.  We only work with clients we know we can help, so you have nothing to lose.