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Coffee by Beans increased recurring revenue & built stronger customer relationships with subscriptions

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Coffee by Beans understands roasting and coffee like PayWhirl knows Recurring Revenue and subscriptions.  They are a small-batch coffee roaster in Mankato, MN, and they roast-to-order.  We provide management for their subscription customers so they can focus on roasting the best beans for their customers.  Because they are a small roasting company, their customers’ coffee is more fresh and faster than large roasting. 

Eric Poppler and Clay Sharkey began their dream in 2011, learning a new hobby of roasting coffee.  By 2015 their hobby turned into a career when they upgraded and invested in a commercial-grade roaster and became dedicated roasting.

“They asked if I could put together a subscription service that would automatically charge them on their desired frequency.”

Coffee types

Subscription Options

When customers come to you requesting you start a subscription service, you listen and comply.  Every person has different habits and needs, just like coffee can be roasted and packaged in many ways.  PayWhirl offers a variety of options when it comes to creating subscription plans; we are, after all, the most flexible subscription payment software on earth. 

PayWhirl has a “build-a-box” subscription offering where customers start by selecting a “base” or “main” plan to set the interval for their custom subscription.  After, they continue to add additional items (upsell widgets) where they can keep to customize their subscription further before checking out.  This “build-a-box” option lets Coffee by Beans customers choose their coffee, grind, and delivery frequency and get charged automatically, just as they requested.

 “I discovered PayWhirl when I was looking for a platform to begin a coffee subscription service.’’

Customer Relationships

Any business owner knows the importance of customer satisfaction and relationships.  Today’s customers value reviews and recommendations.  Ease of use, convenience, and control are all sought after features shoppers look for when signing up for anything.  If customers are letting you charge their accounts automatically, they will want the power to make changes, updates, and upgrades among other things. 

With PayWhirls’ recurring payment platform, your customers can have that control with our customer portal.  You can have them sign in to their account from your website and customize to match your brand so your customers don’t feel like they are going through a third party.  This feature is another reason our platform works well for Coffee by Beans.

“They set up their subscription once and then they don’t have to worry about it again.”

Advice from Coffee by Beans

Talk with your customers and get their ideas. Then run with it. A subscription can be one of the coolest relationship building features ever.