Integrations help Art Quilt Supplies offer multiple subscription boxes

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Art Quilt Supplies is an online company that offers a creative subscription box thanks to PayWhirl’s integrations and automation. Brenda, founder and owner of Art Quilt Supplies is an avid textile artist and art quilter. For more than 20 years, she has loved creating communities and fostering a creative learning environment.

PayWhirl’s integrations help growth

Art Quilt Supplies‘ first subscription box was the Workshop in a Box. The box contained just the right amount of products to achieve the workshop project. It also included a monthly workshop led by an experienced tutor.

Workshop in a Box became more and more popular. Eventually, Brenda became more serious about increasing revenue, so she moved her business onto the Shopify platform. Then she began researching subscription apps that offered integrations and automation to accelerate growth. At that time, she was also a member of some mentor groups of like-minded subscription box businesses. Brenda followed along closely in chat feeds where other entrepreneurs discussed the highs and lows of certain subscription apps. She learned that the “popular products” were not always so popular. She then took a good long look at Paywhirl.

“I have never looked back… PayWhirl is constantly evolving and if I pose a problem or suggestion, it’s taken seriously and positively. The support is brilliant. “

Brenda, Art Quilt Supplies

Brenda runs her business unconventionally – which she says is part of the pitfalls & windfalls of a creative brain! So when Paywhirl appeared to meet her every need for customizations, integrations, and automation, Brenda gave it a go.

“I seem to make my subscriptions more complicated than they need to be. Many of my customers like to have the option of paying in full rather than monthly. A number of them are not technical, so I make things as pliable and accessible for them as I can. I love that Paywhirl lets me change the frequency, titles, rates etc of my subscriptions. It seems to grow as my subscription, entrepreneurial experience, and needs grow.

“It all seems so easy! And if it’s not, the support department helps me achieve what I want to do. PayWhirl seems much more powerful than what I currently use it for, but it also seems so easy to make it work the way I want it too.”

Brenda, Art Quilt Supplies

How integrations help subscription box sales

Integrations can help subscription box sales in a variety of ways. They can help streamline processes, improve customer experience, increase customer loyalty, and help increase sales. For example, integrations with payment processing providers can help simplify checkout. Integrations with CRM systems can help subscription box businesses better manage their customer relationships and increase customer loyalty. Additionally, integrations with marketing automation tools can help businesses more effectively target new customers and convert leads into sales. Finally, integrations with analytics and reporting tools can help businesses better understand their customers, optimize their marketing efforts, and improve their overall customer experience.

What Comes Next

Brenda is changing her original subscription box to ‘Workshop in a Box – Rainbow Stash Builder,’ which is a box full of great products for the art quilter. A small textile taster technique and art theory explanation are part of the subscription each month, and a fabulous community goes with it too!

“In 2023 we are focussing more on the products as a colour collection and building our creative technique toolkit which will foster more personal creativity, rather than re-creating someone else’s project. Each month in the Rainbow Stash Builder we will highlight a colour and we have a challenge to make a small piece. By the end of the year each subscriber will have a collection of their own work, as well as a colourful collection of great products.”

Brenda, Art Quilt Supplies
Subscription integrations with PayWhirl

Brenda has also added another subscription to her product offering! The Aurifil Endangered Thread Builder is a monthly subscription of 3 color co-ordinated reels of thread, with a foundation pieced pattern each month. Brenda has also added a fabric builder option to this subscription as well! This series highlights at-risk animals around the world, as well as being a great product subscription!

Advice from Art Quilt Supplies’ owner

“I love creating communities and I love selling products, so a subscription box is a great product for my business.

“It was especially relevant during COVID lockdowns here in Australia. I had many country residents and isolated people join. With a beautiful box of product delivered to their door and a great online community, we were all able to create and gather and cheer each other on.”

Brenda, Art Quilt Supplies

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