Monthly subscriptions help Bully Stick Central grow

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Bully Sticks Central is a brand of single ingredient natural dog treats and chews. The company creates amazing jerky recipes as well as bully sticks and long lasting chews for dogs of all sizes. It partners with farms who ethically raise their cattle and the products contain no chemicals or artificial ingredients. Bully Sticks Central has options for every doggo including low fat treats as well as treats that are high in protein, collagen, and calcium.  Customers can opt into monthly subscriptions using PayWhirl to receive treats without reordering.

Monthly subscription dog chews brand

PayWhirl: tried and true monthly subscriptions app

Oscar Diaz is a Shopify developer and agency owner who decided to open his own store, Bully Sticks Central, with his wife Ines Galindo during the pandemic. Having tried PayWhirl in some of his other Shopify projects, he decided to continue using the platform which will scale with Bully Sticks Central as the brand grows. 

How does PayWhirl to competitors? 

As a Shopify developer and agency owner, Mr. Diaz has lots of experience with monthly subscription apps and e-payment providers.

“We have used other payment platforms before such as Recharge, and Bold, but so far PayWhirl has been the top choice due to its uptime performance, its ease of use and API capabilities.” 

Oscar Diaz, owner, Bully Sticks Central
Dog chew monthly subscription

Advice from Bully Sticks Central

Monthly subscription services are becoming increasingly popular as people look for more convenient, affordable, and personalized ways to access the products and services they need. These services are often able to offer lower prices and more personalized service than traditional retail models. They are also becoming more and more common in a wide range of industries. From streaming services to meal delivery, subscription services are changing the way we consume.

“Powering your subscription service with the right partner, such as PayWhirl, will make the difference and position yourself above the competition.”

Oscar Diaz, owner, Bully Sticks Central

A final word on monthly subscriptions

Choosing the right recurring payments partner right from the start is key to your success. It can make a huge difference to your business, your customer experience, and growth. To learn more about how PayWhirl can help your business, reach out to us through our live chat on