Kana Wine uses PayWhirl to manage it’s wine club memberships

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Kana Wine is a winery in Bastrop, Texas, run by spouse team Shawn and Lindsay Kana. Shawn makes the wine, and Lindsay does a little of everything else. They have a brick-and-mortar wine lounge, where customers can do tastings, and they also offer several wine club memberships.

Deep roots in Bastrop

Both Shawn and Lindsay’s families are long time Bastropians, and the couple is passionate about their community. Lindsay worked closely with family wineries all over the U.S. for ten years, and she wanted to create something special for her hometown, so Kana Wine Tasting Lounge was born!

PayWhirl powers wine club memberships

Lindsay Kana was looking for a solution for the Lounge Club Members. She needed a subscription plan to automate the wine club membership payments, and make membership management easier on the Kana Wine team. Many automated systems can handle inventory management, order tracking, and shipping, reducing manual labor and improving efficiency.

“The Lounge Club is a monthly membership (subscription) that we use PayWhirl for to bill and keep track of memberships. It saves us so much time, and the members love that they can manage their subscription online easily!”

Lindsay Kana, co-owner, Kana Wine
Kana Wine club memberships

PayWhirl is the first automated payment processor Kana Wine has implemented. And so far Shawn and Lindsay are very pleased.

Advice from Kana Wine’s co-owner

Wine club memberships are a great benefit for wineries and Paywhirl is a great tool for managing those subscriptions. One reason subscriptions can be so powerful is that they often lead to higher Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) as they encourage recurring purchases and long-term customer relationships. By converting one-time customers into subscribers, businesses can generate more consistent revenue streams over time.

“It is a huge selling point when we say that once you join, you can manage your membership on your own, online.”

Lindsay Kana, co-owner, Kana Wine

To learn more about how PayWhirl’s flexible payment options can help you launch and manage your wine club memberships, please reach out to us via the chat feature at https://app.paywhirl.com.