PayWhirl’s subscription management service delivers great customer experience

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Malingmouse is a Singaporean based enamel pin creator using PayWhirl’s subscription management services. Most of the pins feature anime characters, but owner Nadine has also developed pins featuring her two cats, Max and Kiko. The pins are available for sale individually and also as a monthly subscription.

Subscription management service

Nadine, Malingmouse’s owner, discovered paywhirl on the shopify App Store. She had previously used a few other online payment providers, but wasn’t thrilled with any of them.

“I use PayWhirl for a subscription management service! Paywhirl has helped to make it happen.”

Nadine, owner, Malingmouse
Malingmouse Subscription Management Service using PayWhirl App

The path to PayWhirl

Nadine originally started with Patreon and then she used Recharge app before switching to Paywhirl’s subscription management service.

“I started using PayWhirl back when the app first launched, and over the years you’ve definitely improved a lot. I’m excited to see how much more you’ll grow.”

Nadine, owner, Malingmouse

Advice from Malingmouse’s owner

Nadine believes customer service is a big deal. It’s true that no subscription management service can possibly account for every bug/error out there, but customer service can address any issue that arises.

Subscription management services like PayWhirl’s app contribute to better customer service by automating processes, enhancing customer control, providing personalized experiences, and improving communication and issue resolution. These benefits collectively lead to higher customer satisfaction, increased customer loyalty, and improved overall business performance.

We all know firsthand how frustrating it is to be put on hold, waiting for help. It’s particularly challenging when when you’re a business in an industry that expects you to provide rapid, high-level service. And it’s even more challenging when subscription-based businesses experience errors that can potentially compound each subscription cycle. So having an app that is quick to help is very important to the PayWhirl team.

“PayWhirl has always had very good customer service which Patreon and Recharge didn’t have despite their more ‘advanced’ apps – which is why I stayed on.”

Nadine, owner, Malingmouse

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