Monthly and gift subscriptions from Hail the Snail Mail connect people

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Hail the Snail Mail is a digital card shop that features a monthly subscription and gift subscriptions. The online store specializes in monthly subscriptions that include an assortment of carefully curated cards and a gift.

Pivoting from brick-and-mortar to digital

Darcy Lee ran a gift shop in San Francisco for twenty years that sold lots of curated cards. She decided to close the physical doors in 2019 just before the pandemic arrived in all her terrible glory. Darcy missed the people who often visited her shop and she missed the products. From this, Hail the Snail Mail was born: a marriage between Darcy’s love of retail and a need for tangible connection in intangible times. 

Since starting Hail the Snail Mail and its monthly and gift subscriptions, Darcy sends and receives more snail mail each day!

“The written word provides an intimacy missing from our digital communications. Emails are easy to ignore, sitting down to them is a chore and where is our delight?”

Darcy Lee, Owner and Buyer, Hail the Snail Mail

Offering monthly card subscriptions and gift subscriptions

Prior to using PayWhirl, Darcy was using a different subscription payment platform that was much clunkier and rigid. She learned about PayWhirl through Sarah Williams’ Launch Your Box Program. Hail the Snail Mail now takes payments, manages subscriptions, and analyzes subscriber retention using PayWhirl. The flexible payment app helped Darcy launch her gift subscriptions easily.

“PayWhirl is an invaluable app and I have helped other stores that offer subscriptions switch over to PayWhirl. I have used one other subscription payment platform and it was much clunkier and offered less.”

Darcy Lee, Owner and Buyer, Hail the Snail Mail
Hail the Snail Mail gift subscriptions

Advice from Hail the Snail Mail’s Owner

We know it can be tricky to set up and track recurring payments. And adding in gift subscriptions means using a flexible payment provider that can do subscription monthly payments as well as payment in full upfront.

“You must use a platform with prompt support and clear mechanics. PayWhirl is all that. They provide an app that takes a ton of worry out of recurring payments.”

Darcy Lee, Owner and Buyer, Hail the Snail Mail

So, do you think your business could benefit from offering gift subscriptions? Find out how PayWhirl can help you achieve this by connecting through the live chat at