Monthly membership helps make spiritual tools accessible

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Writual Planner is committed to making the spiritual accessible – everyday, to everyone. The company creates simple but powerful tools to merge the mystical with the mundane. The goal is to help people carve out a little space each day to connect and explore. Writual Planner is both a publisher and online shop for spiritual tools. They offer Writual Tarot journals and workbooks as well as an array of tarot decks, candles, jewelry, and other items. Finally, the company also offers a monthly membership group that provides classes and a robust private community forum.

Adding recurring revenue through a monthly membership subscription

The owner and creator of Writual Planner, Sheila Ellis, discovered PayWhirl when researching recurring payment solutions. The company publishes a new workbook issue each month and sends it out to subscribers. She wanted to find an app that could support monthly subscription recurring payments and integrate with her existing Shopify storefront.

“Before finding PayWhirl tried one other Shopify app to manage our monthly membership subscriptions. It was difficult to use for two reasons. First, because of the extremely vague instructions and second, the help forum and customer support was virtually non-existent. We ran into issues with that provider properly exporting order data to our shipping fulfillment software as well.”

Sheila Ellis, Founder and Owner, Writual Planner

PayWhirl offers exceptional customer support

Going through the process of setting up a monthly membership subscriptions taught the Writual Planner team a lot.

“I cannot say enough how important is is that you find a flexible platform. But also, it’s crucial you parter with a provider that offers excellent support for setup and any issues that arise. The best software in the world won’t do anything for you if you can’t utilize it and troubleshoot any problems.”

Sheila Ellis, Founder and Owner, Writual Planner

Advice from Writual Planner’s Founder

“PayWhirl has been an awesome tool for us! The app is really easy to use so we can manage our monthly membership subscriptions internally. But also the PayWhirl team has gone above and beyond in getting us set up successfully from the very beginning.”

Sheila Ellis, Founder and Owner, Writual Planner

If you have questions about setting up a monthly membership subscription for your business, please reach out through the live chat on – we’re here to help!

Team PayWhirl