The Ruffled Daisy subscription box delivers DIY creativity and personal connections

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The Ruffled Daisy is a lifestyle company that encourages creativity. The company offers a monthly DIY subscription box that connects like-minded women on a mission to create beauty in their lives. With these boxes, subscribers learn how to be creative and decorate their homes. But they also connect, build relationships and become a virtual village.

Monthly Subscription box napkin DIY creative projects

Subscription box management without stress

When The Ruffled Daisy launched subscription boxes, founder Beth Eaton she knew she needed to stay focused on her strengths. So that meant she needed someone else’s expertise when it came to the logistics of auto-billing.

“PayWhirl perfectly fit what I was looking for in a recurring payment provider! It has taken the billing stress out of managing a subscription box.”

Beth Eaton, The Ruffled Daisy

Make it as easy as possible

Prior to using PayWhirl, The Ruffled Daisy worked with both PayPal and Seal Subscriptions to manage subscription box recurring payments. Unfortunately, both providers required a lot of back-end management. So Beth was focusing more on her payment provider and less on The Ruffled Daisy’s community.

“There are a lot of things to juggle as a business owner. I wanted my subscription box to be easy for me and my customers. Paywhirl has been able to fulfill that need with minimal effort on my part.”

Beth Eaton, The Ruffled Daisy

Advice from The Ruffled Daisy’s Founder

Subscriptions are a big thing in society right now. So finding a need and filling it with your product or service can make a huge difference for your business.

“The payment process can be very overwhelming for small business owners who are just starting out. It’s so important that things are set up correctly and efficiently in the beginning. Otherwise, it can negatively impact the growth of your subscription box business. Partner with a company like Paywhirl, which is dedicated to convenience and excellent customer support. That helps your business succeed.”

Beth Eaton, The Ruffled Daisy

If you have questions about setting up recurring payments for subscription boxes, please reach out through the live chat on – we’re here to help!

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