New customer acquisitions rise with PayWhirl

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California Contour is a patented, revolutionary tanning device that replaces tanning goggles. It protects the T-Zone portion of the face, hovering a half inch or so off the skin. By doing this, the shield protects areas of the face, which are sensitive. The outer edges of the face, the areas you would typically bronze with makeup, remain exposed. California Contour uses PayWhirl to manage new acquisitions via “The 5 Dollar Challenge.” PayWhirl also helps generate repeat business through a wholesale subscription plan.

By hovering off the face, the would-be tan line is perfectly blended into the coveted makeup effect called a “contour.” This naturally enhances face definition and cheekbones. In the end, users not only protect their face’s sensitive areas but also get a semi-permanent makeup effect. This makes it possible to wear less makeup. What’s more, is that it works for spray tan and is a game-changer for the beach and poolside as well!

Acquisitions rise with PayWhirl's flexible payment app

How does PayWhirl help new acquisitions?

As a new product, California Contour was met with a lot of skepticism at first. The company needed a way to ease customers’ worry that would increase new acquisitions. It didn’t want people to think they would be stuck with something that didn’t work for them.

“We wanted to find a way to let people try our products for a small fee, then charge the remainder if the customer liked it and didn’t return it. We call it ‘The 5 Dollar Challenge.'”

Matt Thompson, Managing Partner/Inventor, California Contour

PayWhirl makes “The 5 Dollar Challenge” program possible thanks to the incredibly flexible payment options. The program has helped California Contour realize nearly $20k in profits.

In addition, the company recently launched a wholesale subscription model for B2B. Matt and his team noticed that selling direct to tanning salons was often a tedious process to do order-by-order. Not only did following up constantly take time, but often salons would simply sell out and forget to re-order.

“The subscription gives us a consistent revenue stream and tether to the wholesale customer, to know how many they are selling. In addition, with PayWhirl, we can easily change the subscription amount to match their sales rate!”

Matt Thompson, Managing Partner/Inventor, California Contour

Advice from California Contours

Paywhirl can help you get new acquisitions by making it easy for new customers to take a chance they otherwise wouldn’t have. This is particularly true for businesses with new products, refillable products, and in B2B wholesale. In B2B, it can help put many of your ordinary follow-up sales calls on auto-pilot.

“We looked high and low before committing to a service that could manage subscriptions. After much research, we chose PayWhirl and couldn’t be happier!”

Matt Thompson, Managing Partner/Inventor, California Contour

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