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Non-profit De La Gente uses coffee subscriptions and recurring donations to create economic opportunities in Guatemala

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PayWhirls is helping De la Gente (DLG) offer coffee subscription plans to customers worldwide and raise money through recurring donations. DLG is a non-profit organization working with small coffee farmers and cooperatives in Guatemala that create local economic opportunities. They are improving the quality of life for families and communities through direct trade.

This vision all started in 2005 when volunteer Franklin Voorhes and seven local farmers began looking for a way to organize themselves to turn coffee into a sustainable livelihood in Guatemala.  De La Gente started processing their coffee and looking for markets for high-quality coffees. 

They also noticed a substantial increase in visitors to Antigua and decided to develop a tour based around small scale coffee producers, which evolved into their tourism program, all with the same goal at hand.  Today they work with five cooperatives representing about 300 farmers and deliver an estimated $500,000 in improved income for farming families in and around Guatemala.  

“A great tool to set yourself goals based on current revenue and active subscribers.”

Subscription Analytics

One of the most improved areas of PayWhirl is the analytics and reporting section of the app.  Analytics and tracking are imperative to any business; especially if you branch out to support others like DLG is doing with their recurring donations. 

PayWhirls’ analytics and reporting sections include many charts/graphs, views, and data exports for businesses who use the platform.  So businesses can sort, filter, and export any of the tables provided by the application.

De La Gente uses the information from their recurring donations, subscription payments, current revenues, and active subscribers to set goals across different departments. 

PayWhirl tracks the data needed to mange their businesses effectively.  It doesn’t matter if your processing recurring payments, one-time payments or both, PayWhirl’s got you covered with the analytical tools needed to scale your billing.

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“It helps us to have easy access to our customer’s information and metrics measurements.”

Recurring Donations

PayWhirl has a widget for recurring donation payments where the customer can choose the frequency and amount of their automated donation. You don’t need to start a different account somewhere like Kickstarter or PayPal to receive recurring donations. You can use PayWhirl, and save BIG on processing fees. Fees range from 3% on the free starter plan to as low as 0.5% on paid plans.

PayWhirl also helps DLG manage their subscriptions and recurring donations for their Young Farmers Fund.  The donations are converted into low-interest loans specifically for members of the Segunda Generacion. As a result, these loans help members purchase coffee farming land and get a head start on a future in coffee farming.  Providing payment processing for recurring donations and subscriptions are only a few ways PayWhirl can help businesses thrive.

In conclusion:
Direct trade = Direct Impact

Taste the difference you are creating and support a more equitable and inclusive coffee industry.

Advice from De La Gente

If you are looking for a great tool to make your life easier with widgets, reports, analytics, and revenue tracking; PayWhirl is for you!