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Clean Mama simplified their billing services with PayWhirls’ integrations and features

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Clean Mama’s Homekeeping Society subscription service is simplified with PayWhirls’ integrations and features. Among the subscription club, Clean Mama sells products for Cleaning, Organizing, For The Home; and also offers free printables for download that will get any home keeper hooked! 

Becky’s kept a little corner of the internet for sharing her routines, tips, ideas for keeping a cozy, clean home since 2009.  All while searching and testing cleaning products to find a line that is beautifully natural and works.  So in 2015, she launched her product line that is everything she was searching for all in one.  Rolling with the times and growing her corner, Becky launched a subscription service. It’s designed to help you get your home and life in order with countless valuable benefits.   Becky’s also written books: “Simply Clean”, and “Clean Mama’s Guide to a Healthy Home”, “Organizing a Clean Home” include guides.

“I can see everything within Shopify with my other products”.


Clean Mama uses PayWhirl for their monthly/annual subscription on their Shopify site.  PayWhirls’ integration with Shopify is seamless and secure but integrates easily with different platforms.  There’s a Custom Scripts app that allows you to add tracking or conversion scripts to your widgets or payment forms.  So no matter what platforms you use PayWhirl can be integrated; which is one of the many features that work well for Clean Mama.

“PayWhirl allows me to use it in my shop with my other projects for a seamless process for customers”.

Billing Management

PayWhirl’s integrations are great, especially with Shopify, which is what Clean Mama uses for her other product sales in Shopify. So when a customer completes a purchase through a PayWhirl widget, an account is created and their payment information is saved for future use.  A customer’s also produced in Shopify, if they didn’t exist already, and tagged with any active subscriptions so they can be seen in Shopify.  Once set up, customers can purchase subscriptions and additional products in your customer portal with their saved information.

This feature is essential and helpful for Becky at Clean Mama because it’s a seamless process for her customers no matter what they want to buy; plus they get to access the Customer Portal.  All Shopify order information saves in one place; without any extra steps, it’s that easy. Your customers can also login to both Shopify and PayWhirl’s customer portal with the same credentials, so they have access to both systems. You can also integrate the PayWhirl login with Shopify further if needed.

Clean Mama offers help to families looking for a clean home while spending minimal time and effort. It’s taking households by storm after being read and heard about in magazines like Real Simple, Parents, OWN, Good Housekeeping, and the list goes one (see above).

Advice from Clean Mama

Have a professional install and set it up for you, and utilize the Chat function with PayWhirl!