One Faith Boutique raises money with monthly subscription clubs

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One Faith Boutique sells clothing and accessories as part of their monthly subscription clubs using our embeddable payment widgets. They also donate a part of their proceeds to charity from each transaction. Their customers are women and kids with all kinds of bodies, living all kinds of lives. Whether you’re going to work, the gym, or church they will keep you looking cute without breaking your bank.

One Faith Boutique was created by a family of five that soon became six, as unexpected as it was. They decided to put their faith in God, follow their dream, and throw caution into the wind; so they created this unique clothing store.  They combined their passion for affordable, stylish clothing with their love of Christ. They did this so their customers can feel good about what they are wearing.

Easy To Use

“We found Paywhirl when we started doing our monthly subscriptions and fell in love with your system”

Starting out as one retail store with a  mission,  One Faith Boutique put their store online to reach more people.  They eventually expanded their online presence by offering monthly subscription clubs so customers around the world could receive their products on a recurring basis.

Life got easier after Craig Davis, Operations Manager, found PayWhirl.  Our system’s designed to be easy to use for anybody who wants to accept payments online. After your set up, PayWhirl offers endless ways to customize the experience your customers go through when purchasing from your website. You can customize everything from email or invoice templates, to the checkout and customer portal design, to subscription packages.  It’s easy to see why our customers enjoy using our system.

Subscription Focused

We have used other payment platforms, but they are not set up for subscriptions like your site”

Most payment platforms are designed with a specific use in mind like PayWhirl’s designed for subscriptions like Stripe is designed to be a gateway. We don’t spread ourselves thin offering extra services in areas not associated with subscription payments. We focus on maximizing revenue for eCommerce merchants worldwide.  One of the ways we do this is by building code snippets and APIs to transform any website into a continuity and subscription sales platform. 

Donation Capable

One Faith Boutique also donates a portion for every order placed to various organizations to share God’s blessings. They make donations to help organizations like: The American Bible Society, My Stuff Bags Organization, Victory Boys Academy, and K-Love Radio.  They do this in an added effort to spread God’s blessings.  PayWhirl also supports recurring donations.There’s a widget you can set up so customers can select the amount and frequency of their automated contributions.  We make giving back easy and seamless. 


“Research and make sure that you are signing up for a site that will work best for your company. Regardless of the size they have to be able to work with you and understand what your needs are”

Craig Davis – Operations Manager

PayWhirl works well for One Faith Boutique because we listen and understand their needs. Even small companies can have a worldwide reach. Making a difference in peoples’ lives is a mission we are both on board with. So come check us out and see how PayWhirl can help make a difference in your life.