How Sophie & Toffee used our subscription payment widgets to build new recurring revenue streams

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Sophie & Toffee (founded in 2012) was selling mainly on Etsy and other 3rd party sales channels; but then they found PayWhirl’s subscription payment widgets a year ago, in early 2018.

The website platform they were using had minimal functionality regarding subscription products, recurring payments, and saving customer payment methods, etc. So our embeddable, subscription payment widgets provided Sophie & Toffee with the flexibility they needed to build a successful craft subscription business.

Sophie & Toffee offer niche Arts and Crafts supplies that follow the Japanese handicraft arts trend. They mainly cater to resin, polymer clay, and other trending supplies from Japan; and just recently began designing and manufacturing their products. Their subscription business offers a curated theme box of resin and polymer clay crafting supplies delivered every month.

The Elves Box is the first of its kind, packed beautifully with the newest and trending crafting supplies in a box. Besides being the first to receive the latest exclusive items, you get other high-quality supplies from Japan, including limited edition crafting kits.

Sophie & Toffee – Inside Elves Box

Integration & Migration

Sophie & Toffee eventually narrowed the places they sold down to just two locations. They had an online store with BigCommerce and sold their subscriptions through Cratejoy, but wanted to combine both stores into one so they didn’t have to manage two website platforms.  Then they found PayWhirl in the BigCommerce App Store.

“Using PayWhirl has easily enabled us to insert widgets into our current website and combine both products.”

PayWhirl offers BigCommerce customers a native app which enables them to sell subscriptions, offer payment plans, wholesale programs, and more on the BigCommerce platform.  We give your BigCommerce store functionality by supporting subscriptions, storing credit cards, and providing a customer portal. Integrating is as easy as cutting and pasting; support service and documents are also available should you need help.

“Before PayWhirl, we were using Cratejoy but found it does not allow easy integration with our online store website.”

Migrating to PayWhirl from another payment platform is smooth and can be done in a few clicks; if you have existing customers in one of our supported payment gateways.  Our integration apps and gateways lists’ are not short either.  This makes it easy for customers like Sophie & Toffee to integrate and migrate their information into one simple, customer friendly website.

Sophie & Toffee – April Elves Box


“Simple interface and navigation is something very important to offer to subscribers. They would want a website which they can manage their subscriptions easily…Having a beautiful interface and website to navigate in is half the battle won!”

PayWhirl works well for Sophie & Toffee because we help bring everything together, so selling subscriptions is more manageable; we also provide a simple to use customer portal. Our subscription payment widgets enable businesses to sell subscriptions, recurring payments, services, build-a-box, pre-orders, layaway products and many other types of nontraditional e-commerce products/services.

So if you’re feeling creative check out Sophie & Toffee for craft supplies, kits, or subscriptions and help support the resin artists community!