Online payment plan solution gives proprietary coaching certification program a competitive edge

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Dr. Nicolya Williams is a transformational coach. She created a proprietary coaching certification program called The ELEVATE Method which certifies coaches in 7 different modalities including Life and Success Coaching, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, TIME techniques, Human Design, and her own proprietary process: The Elevate Method. All of Dr. Williams’ programs are available to clients via PayWhirl’s flexible, online payment plan solutions.

Online Payment Plan Solution

A flexible online payment plan solution

Dr. Nicolya found PayWhirl while she was looking for online payment plan products. She wanted potential customers to be able to join the certification classes without incurring overwhelming costs. So, after using nearly every online payment plan platform on the market, Dr. Nicolya implemented PayWhirl.

“I find that PayWhirl works best for my audience because it allows clients to pick the payment option that fits their budget. Then it allows them to easily create an account they can quickly update their subscription information in the future. Finally, I love how customizable the user interface is and how I was able to beautify it so that it looks attractive on my page.”

Dr. Nicolya Williams, Transformational Coach & Author

Currently, Dr. Nicolya uses PayWhirl to manage the online payment plan for each of her seven programs.

“PayWhirl has been super easy to embed into my sales pages and it’s also easy to use from my clients’ stand point. It’s been so helpful that I can set up a variety of online payment plans in one button, which allows prospective clients to pick what works best for them.”

Dr. Nicolya Williams, Transformational Coach & Author

Advice from Dr. Nicolya

“If you’re considering using PayWhirl, I say just go for it ! The last thing you need is clunky or confusing options. But PayWhirl makes paying seamless for your clients and getting paid easy for you.”

Dr. Nicolya Williams, Transformational Coach & Author

Offering a flexible, online payment plan is key to e-commerce. Customers like to have control over their subscriptions in real-time so they can fluidly chose what works for them.

“Since I switched to PayWhirl, my clients raved about how easy the customer interface is. Many of my Clients who have their own websites have implemented PayWhirl on their own sites, and they find it’s easy to integrate with their business model as well.”

Dr. Nicolya Williams, Transformational Coach & Author

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