Guinea pig subscription box strikes gold with recurring revenue sales model

Posted by is a subscription box for Guinea Pigs and their owners. The company uses a recurring revenue sales model for its members. Each month, members receive a box filled with products to pamper guinea pigs and owners. It includes treats and toys for guinea pigs, specialty print items for owners, and some extra surprises. The contents change monthly so the boxes are always new and exciting.

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Subscription management made easy

Nicole Jenney,’s Owner, discovered PayWhirl through Shopify.

“Currently we use PayWhirl to manage our monthly subscription boxes which drive our recurring sales. Recurring revenue is crucial to our sales strategy, and PayWhirl delivers big! Not only does the app help manage all of our accounts in one place, I love that subscribers have all the power to manage their own accounts. That frees up a lot of time for me and my team to focus on delivering exceptional boxes.”

Nicole Jenney, Owner,

PayWhirl offers flexibility for recurring revenue

Prior to using PayWhirl, used Bold and wasunimpressed with their application. Nicole experienced glitches in the subscription management, and sometimes renewals were skipped altogether.

“Skipping renewals was really tough since we rely on recurring revenue for our boxes. We needed a reliable partner, and ultimately PayWhirl offered so much more in the way of features available features as well. We now offer customers the option to prepay and have access to a forecasting calendar which we couldn’t do using Bold. It was a no-brainer to move our hundreds of subscribers over to PayWhirl.”

Nicole Jenney, Owner,
Recurring Revenue subscription

Advice from’s owner

“Paywhirl is the BEST option out there. It goes far beyond bold and recharge, and the support team is second to none (thanks Sergey and Lincoln). I recommend it to everyone I know!

Save yourself the headache and expense and just start off with PayWhirl. You’ll be glad you did it right the first time.”

Nicole Jenney, Owner,

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