Recurring payment service offers unparalleled ability to scale

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Simply Options is an information/consultation service for equity and derivative markets where clients pay via monthly recurring payment subscription. Clients gain access to incredibly accurate daily market insight with live trading, intricate charts, daily live streams, video break downs, and much more. Simply Options clients have found great success using it’s financial modeling and it is the perfect solution for the small niche of people that are passionate about growing their net worth in the markets but do not want to put their assets with an advisor and have them manage it for them.

recurring payment investment service

Finding a payment processing partner

Gavin May, founder and CEO of Simply Options, found out about PayWhirl when he first started the business. He was actually one of the earlier adopters of PayWhirl, getting access to a very early release version.

“I have been so satisfied with the performance that I have found no reason to adopt an alternative. I have never used another payment platform for recurring payments and I don’t think I ever will.”

Gavin May, Founder and CEO, Simply Options

Simple, seamless recurring payment app

PayWhirl is simple and intuitive to set up. The monthly billing and the dashboard are great for keeping track of payments. Administrators can easily seeIf any customers have failed purchases and notify them to update payment information. PayWhirl makes monthly recurring billing seamless and easy from both the merchant and consumer point of view.

Advice from Simply Options founder and CEO

“If you’re looking at recurring payment options, keep it simple. PayWhirl has multiple tiers to best suit the size of your business, and you can always change your plan to best fit your needs as your business grows. I’m actually about to upgrade my PayWhirl plan myself!”

Gavin May, Founder and CEO, Simply Options

If you’re looking for some of the most accurate macro and micro analysis of equity markets, are an aspiring or avid day/swing trader, or just want an awesome community of traders to learn with, consider checking out Simply Options.

For more information about our recurring payment app and how PayWhirl can help your business build a recurring revenue stream , please reach out through the live chat on