Subscription box taps the healing power of flower essences

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Freedom Flowers manufacture and sell flower essences. These are different than essential oils, and use the frequencies of flowers for emotional healing. The essences help with the emotional components of things like anxiety, depression, and trauma. And they can also be used for simpler stuff like better sleep, focus, and creativity. Although the majority of Freedom Flowers’ business is not subscription based, they offer niche subscription box options. 

Finding a versatile subscription box management tool 

Seneca Schurbon, an author and founder of Freedom Flowers, found PayWhirl. She was actively looking for a subscription payment option that was both affordable and versatile.

One of Freedom Flowers’ subscription box clubs follows the Jewish calendar. Throughout the year, subscribers receive essences that correspond with periods where healing in a certain area comes more easily. Because the Jewish calendar doesn’t line up with the Gregorian calendar, Seneca had some challenges getting the billing right.

“Jewish months average 29 1/2 days. So a standard 30-day billing period would frequently end up shorting us when a customer cancelled after their box had already been sent out for that month. With PayWhirl, I can set the billing for every 29 days and refund the occasional double payment that occurs within a Hebraic month.”

Seneca Schurbon, Owner, Freedom Flowers

PayWhirl’s subscription box flexibility is unmatched

Another subscription box offers early release products that are not available to the general public. These go out every other month. Again, Paywhirl’s flexibility allows Freedom Flowers to customize the timing and adjust billing cycles to give subscribers the best experience.

“PayWhirl integrates with my e-commerce store so it automatically creates an order when someone signs up for a subscription box, which means the whole chain of automations associated are triggered.”

Seneca Schurbon, Owner, Freedom Flowers

On the customer side, PayWhirl puts the power back in the hands of the customer which is a load off their minds. Customers can log in and cancel, pause, or skip a payment without needing to provide an explanation. For the inevitable customers who can’t manage this, administrators can log in and handle it for them. 

Advice from Freedom Flowers

Freedom Flowers experience with other payment platforms was underwhelming. Shopping for SAAS companies is a good exercise in getting really clear on absolute needs as well as what is “nice to have.” By having those lists concrete, it’s easier to whittle down your options more efficiently.

“Missing needed features and lacking flexibility will be an everyday source of frustration.”

Seneca Schurbon, Owner, Freedom Flowers

A last word from Seneca

“C’mon over for a free sample of our essences! For fellow business people, I’d recommend our Motivation and Manifestation blend, an anti-procrastination aid. I use it all the time to get stuff done.”

Seneca Schurbon, Owner, Freedom Flowers

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