Spa Technologies offers innovative skincare products by subscription

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Spa Technologies began selling luxury skincare products focused on the benefits of seaweed in 1991. Its products are used and sold at some of the top luxury spas in the country. Spa Technologies sells direct-to-consumer and offers flexible subscription options to ensure customers don’t run out of their products.

Family roots in thalassotherapy

The inspiration for Spa Technologies began many years before the company’s founding. Dan Fryda, who later became President of Spa Technologies, visited his family’s seaweed farm in Brittany, France. While there, he became intrigued with thalassotherapy. Thalassotherapy uses seawater, sea products and an ocean climate for healing the skin and revitalizing the soul. 

Shortly thereafter, Dan started Spa Technologies, which was one of the first seaweed-based skincare companies in the U.S. The company not only inspired an industry trend, it is trusted by luxury spas and brands around the world. Dan’s nephew, Dave Mombert, has taken over as V.P. and Lead Formulator. 

Spa Technologies Subscription skincare products

Subscriptions take the headache out of reordering

Michelle Lamb, Marketing & Brand Manager at Spa Technologies, found PayWhirl through Shopify’s app store. She was searching for a way to offer a convenient subscription option to streamline reordering.

“I use PayWhirl to give customers the option to subscribe to automatic recurring orders, so they don’t have to think about restocking their favorite products.”

Michelle Lamb, Marketing & Brand Manager, Spa Technologies

Prior to using PayWhirl, Spa Technologies did not offer subscription sales direct to consumers. The company is very pleased with PayWhirl and has no plans to switch to another provider.

Advice from the Spa Technologies team

Michelle and the Spa Technologies team recommend PayWhirl to all subscription based businesses. PayWhirl is easy to set up, customer service is great, and recurring orders are helpful in customer retention.

“Always make it easier, more streamlined, and less work for your customer to buy from you! Recurring orders and subscriptions definitely help!”

Michelle Lamb, Marketing & Brand Manager, Spa Technologies

If you are looking for way to implement recurring subscription sales into your business model, then you’ve found the right place! Please reach out to us via the chat feature at to learn more about how PayWhirl can help you launch a subscription.