Hit Box Sports Cards delivers big with PayWhirl’s subscription management app

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Hit Box Sports Cards specializing in Sports Cards and accessories for Sports collectors. It curates Subscription Boxes for different sports in different tiers with monthly or bi-weekly delivery schedules.

Subscription sports cards from avid collectors

David Gordon, an avid sports card collector, is the owner and founder of Hit Box Sports Cards. He collected cards as a teenager, and rediscovered his passion for the hobby when his son brought home his own packs. Together, they set out to create the ultimate sports card subscription service.

David is always scouring the market for great boxes and cases to add to his inventory, and fantastic singles to include in his Guaranteed Hits. Additionally Hit Box Sports Cards promises to never cherry pick packs. All cards packs come straight from the factory in sealed cases or boxes.

Hit Box Sports Cards Subscriptions

Partnering with a vetted subscription vendor

David found out about PayWhirl from word of mouth and little of his own research into how to handle subscription scheduling and billing. PayWhirl was consistently mentioned as a great subscription solution. It came highly recommended for Shopify integration, and ranked highly on the Shopify App store as well.

“PayWhirl handles all aspects of billing and scheduling for my subscriptions. I use it to plan my purchasing so I understand my subscription fulfilment requirements well in advance, and I have it integrated with Shop Pay and PayPal through Shopify. It’s seamless for me.”

David Gordon, Owner, Hit Box Sports Cards

PayWhirl is built to scale with growth

David has a second online business in addition to Hit Box Sports Cards subscription boxes. He recently transitioned that online sales system to PayWhirl after experiencing the benefits first hand with Hit Box Sports Cards. David started on the Free PayWhirl plan, and after only 8 weeks he upgraded to the Traction plan.

“If things continue to trend well it’s nice to know that I can move to the Scale plan to further handle my costs.”

David Gordon, Owner, Hit Box Sports Cards

Advice from Hit Box Sports Cards’ owner

Flexibility is a big part of the Hit Box Sports Cards service mantra. David has found that PayWhirl provides both business and customer facing portals that are easy to use and powerful. It’s been an integral part of his subscription based business’s startup and growth.

“The best advice I can give to new subscription business is to focus on service first. A product will get you in the door, but service keeps your customers with you.”

David Gordon, Owner, Hit Box Sports Cards

We’d love to help you scale your subscription revenue. Please reach out to us via the chat feature at https://app.paywhirl.com.