Visual Thrive enjoys more billing and payment flexibility with PayWhirl

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Visual Thrive wins 2019 50 on Fire Innovation Award

Visual Thrive provides an out-of-the-box approach to market small businesses on social media at an affordable price.  They create ongoing strategic social media narratives using customized visuals, marketing content, hashtags research, and analytics.  PayWhirl helps Visual Thrive streamline their client’s onboarding, and monthly billing, by providing payment flexibility with our billing platform.

Founder, Scott Indermaur, owns Indermaur Media, which focuses on corporate visual narratives using professional photography and video equipment.  He developed Visual Thrive at Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Course.  Widening the clientele spectrum, Scott created a plan for marketing on social media using the iPhone.  His focus is on visual creation, procedures, and workflows.

Partner, Lori Giuttari, is a certified Master Coach successful in strategic planning, change management, growth, and communications. She focuses on project management, research, writing, and developing analytics reports. Together they deliver over 50 years of combined experience in high-level corporate communications both visually and strategically to small businesses now.

Payment Flexibility & Control

“PayWhirl gave us the control of a client’s account, and it lets us deliver great customer service too!”

Visual Thrive enjoys the ease of shifting a customer from one payment method to another.  With PayWhirl, your client’s information and any changes one may need to make is all up to you. You can view the customer portal as if you were a customer which makes customer service calls a breeze because you can always see what your customer’s see when they login to the customer portal.

You have access to customer profile data to make changes, and they have access to their information to make changes too.  Having a customer portal is essential to subscription businesses. PayWhirls’ customer portal has everything businesses need, to give subscribers the independent freedom consumers demand.

Easily Adjustable Pricing

“As business owners, we want to be able to adjust our offers as our market shifts, and PayWhirl’s platform makes it easy to go in and make changes quickly when we want to offer special discounts or increase our pricing.”

Need to make a change to plan pricing, a discount amount, or anything else?  No problem!  With PayWhirl you can make billing changes any time you need.  We understand prices shift with market fluctuations, and give businesses the flexibility they need to manage billing adjustments. When a business needs to make changes, it’s simple and easy with PayWhirl. Our goal to provide an amazing customer experience for both business and their customers. Having flexible recurring payment tools can make a huge difference when you need it the most as a business.

Customized Plans

“Having a system like PayWhirl allows us to create customized plans and offer add-ons easily so that our client’s needs are prioritized quickly as they check out.”

It’s no secret offering up-sells, or add-ons helps increase revenue, and retention; but you can also make them customer-specific with PayWhirl.  We have up-sell/add-on widgets you can chain together to create a checkout funnel for your shoppers.  Customers start on your pricing page then get forwarded to your up-sell options before they reach the checkout.  This way, their plan has all the details they required without having to go back and add services or products.

Visual Thrive likes its customers to feel in control of their service plans. PayWhirl provides that payment flexibility out of the box. Customers have the flexibility they need to make changes when they need, without contacting the business. 


“Our advice would be to think about the top three to five things you want to deliver to your clients. In Visual Thrive’s case, we wanted to offer our standard, and a customized approach that was easy to sign off on, and gave our clients the payment flexibility and customization they wanted. But we also wanted it to be easy for our teams to use as we set up for the long-term. Ease, control, customization and customer service were critical priorities – both for us AND our clients.”

To provide your clients with specific experience in what you are selling/providing, you need to make sure the vendors you choose to work with can help achieve your goals.  Visual Thrive wanted ease, control, customization, and excellent customer service; PayWhirl delivered it to them.  We offer an easy way to integrate with Squarespace, gave them the power of their customers, plans, details, and provide countless ways to customize their customer’s experience. We also provide them with stellar customer service whenever they needed it. 

Come check us out and see how we can help you achieve your top 5 goals for recurring subscriptions.  If you have a payment provider who doesn’t offer everything you need to succeed, look no further, we’re here to help!

The PayWhirl Team!