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A lesson in efficient subscription management by Midway Wool

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The Midway wool company is a family-owned and operated business created to share a love of using high-quality wool to design products and fabrics. For the last few years, Midway Wool has use PayWhirl for billing and subscription management.

PayWhirl’s Widgets and customer dashboard allow Midway Woll to focus on creating wool and fabric projects for their customers, not worrying about missing payments.

How Midway Wool Uses PayWhirl

Being a family-owned business, Midway Wool strives to foster learning and creativity with the products they offer. Customers can choose the wool, quilting, and thread to create a project that best captures their imagination.

Once Customers have chosen a type of project, they can checkout via a payment plan and Widget embedded to Midway Wools Squarespace page. This allows customers to checkout for one time products as well as monthly payment options using PayWhirl widgets.

At the moment, Midway Wool uses PayWhirl Widgets for their Wool Applique and block of the month programs. Each program contained multiple options that created issues leading Midway Wool to consider Subscription Management options.

Need for Subscription Management

Before PayWhirl, Midway Wool’s President and employees had to spot-check each invoice prior to being billed. As a result, Midway Wool’s subscription management process was highly inefficient.

To improve efficiency Midway Wool utilized PayWhirl’s subscription management dashboard. The dashboard provided Midway Wool a quick snapshot into customers’ invoice status.

From the dashboard, admins can view invoices with a specific status. Each color box corresponds to an invoice status (Paid, Refunded, Retrying, Held, Failed, and Scheduled).

From the Admin view, all of the invoices with a specific status can be viewed by clicking on the color box corresponding to the type of invoice you want to view.

Above all, PayWhirl’s dashboard enables Midway Wool’s president and employees to spend less time managing invoices and more time creating projects for their customers.

“As the President of Midway, it is my job to support both our employees and customers to focus on creating. With our past subscription service, we struggled to do this. “

Midway Wool’s President

Advice from Midway Wool’s President

“If you are looking for a way to cut the time you are spending in the office, utilize Paywhirl. They help you focus on what you do best!”

MidWay Wools President

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