Novel Tea Book Club Subscription

How PayWhirl’s recurring payment software minimized NovelTea’s workload

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The NovelTea Book Club is a monthly book & tea subscription parcel based in Australia using PayWhirl’s recurring payment software.

NovelTea has created a three-step process where a customer can select a Book and then select a type of Drink (Coffee or Tea). From those options, customers select a billing frequency and are directed to checkout using a PayWhirl’s widget.

Currently, NovelTea uses PayWhirl to offer recurring payment options for customers to checkout for one of three billing frequencies. From these billing options, customers can choose Monthly, Quarterly, or Bi-Yearly billing, while maintaining a monthly Shipping schedule.

Each month’s parcel easily fit in an envelope. Each Envelope includes a classic novel (new or secondhand), a tea or coffee sample, and a specially designed bookmark. Sending items in an envelope keeps shipping costs reasonable for NovelTea and its customers. Each Monthly envelope provides everything NovelTea’s customers need to enjoy a cozy afternoon on the couch. Such a treat for a bookworm on lockdown!

Why PayWhirl?

NovelTea’s owner is also their sole employee. Meaning each month one person plans, orders, designs, and hand wraps every parcel for shipment to their customers. Being a single-person team, NovelTea’s owner realized early on some recurring payment automation would be necessary.

“My role is everything! I’m a sole trader, so I plan, order, design, and hand-wrap every parcel, as well as managing marketing, admin, and finances. Keeps me busy!”

NovelTea’s Owner

After finding PayWhirl, NovelTea’s owner began using PayWhirl payment plans and added subscription widgets on their Squarespace site to offer customers recurring payment options.

Currently, NovelTea uses PayWhirl to bill and manage all of their subscription customers and their monthly payments. Based on the Payment Plan customers choose, they can be billed monthly, quarterly, or every 6 months without NovelTea’s owner or the customer having to take any action.

This keeps NovelTea’s customers from deciding each month, quarter, or every 6 months if they want to re-subscribe. As well as, reducing time spent, tracking down, or sending invoices to customers who may or may not pay.

“It saves me a ridiculous amount of time. “

“It means that I can offer recurring subscriptions, rather than customers needing to decide to re-subscribe every month/quarter, and I don’t have to worry about sorting out the payments and email reminders myself – it all just magically happens!”

NovelTea Owner

Advice from NovelTea’s Book Club

“In the subscription box industry, it worth finding a way of offering automated recurring payments. So much less hassle for you and your customers. Additionally, if you can, ask around for reviews of different platform options. I think it can be hard to move once you’ve started, so it’s much better to start with the best option.”

It is definitely worth finding a way of offering automated recurring payments – “So much less hassle for you and your customers.”

NovelTea Owner

“If you’re a book lover, I’d love for you to check out the NovelTea Book Club website! Following any of the recurring subscription options will give you an idea of how seamless the process is with Paywhirl.”

If you have any questions on how you can implement recurring payments on your website, were here to help.