Automated billing streamlines smart water meter subscription

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Water Hero® provides you with an economical system to help you conserve, protect, and save water. The company’s premise is that leak and pipe burst protection should be affordable for everyone, easy to install and easy to own. Water Hero® wants to help protect you from leaks and control your water usage better than ever before. And the company even offers automated billing to help customers manage their service.

How it works

The Water Hero® system makes use of a homeowner’s existing WiFi network to collect water usage information. Simple profile information provided by the user allows Water Hero® to identify unusual water flows that may indicate a leak. When it detects abnormal water usage, a homeowner receives a warning message via a text message. Unless the homeowner instructs otherwise, Water Hero® will activate a motorized valve to shut off the water, protecting your home and your family.

Automated billing for smart water meter Water Hero

Benefits of automated billing

PayWhirl ensures that Water Hero® customers’ automatic subscription payments are processed smoothly and without any gaps in coverage. This ensures customers remain protected, because an interruption in service could lead to costly damages from undetected leaks.

“PayWhirl helps us automate the billing of our recurring annual service fee, which saves significant labor. [At this point] we only use Shopify payments along with PayWhirl.”

Dan Sterling, founder & CEO, Water Hero®

Generally speaking, automated billing systems can play a crucial role in efficient payment processes and maintaining a positive customer experience. So it’s wise to transition from manual to automated billing if at all possible.

Advice from Water Hero®

Customer service is extremely important for any business and it can be a key differentiator that sets a company apart from its competitors and contributes to long-term success. PayWhirl is committed to providing the utmost customer service and customized solutions to clients.

“I really appreciate the support from PayWhirl.”

Dan Sterling, founder & CEO, Water Hero®

PayWhirl’s automated billing system can help streamline the payment process. Find out how you can easily migrate from manual to automated billing with PayWhirl. Reach out to our team us via the chat feature at