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PayWhirl powers Post Familiar wine club subscription

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Post Familiar is an experimental wine company partnering with creative winemakers to produce unique (one-off) natural wines, released every Spring & Fall. The company now offers a wine club subscription via PayWhirl’s flexible app.

The making of a flexible wine club subscription

James Beard nominated Sommelier Brent Braun, and graphic designer Jordan Sowers founded Post Familiar. Mr. Sowers spearheads design, web development and marketing the wines. Each year, Post Familiar releases entirely new wines. The company resets the visual center of its brand with each release so it can embrace the ethos around experimentation.

Mr. Sowers discovered PayWhirl through the Shopify App Store. He was instantly intrigued by the flexibility the app offers. This was especially true when it came to launching a wine club subscription.

“Because we change the look & feel of the site so frequently, PayWhirl has become an integral backbone to the experience. It was very fast and straight forward to set up. As of now, PayWhirl powers all of our wine club subscriptions, which has become a large portion of our business.” 

Jordan Sowers, co-founder, Post Familiar

Bulk editing is a big bonus for the wine club subscription

Wine club subscriptions have greatly dimensionalized Post Familiar’s offering. PayWhirl’s straight-foward app & templating gave the brand the flexibility to retain is bespoke brand experience while adding an entirely new stream of business. PayWhirl delivers unparalleled recurring payment flexibility which has been really helpful even though it isn’t advertised as a Wine Club app. This flexibility has allowed Post Familiar to manage and retain wine club members throughout the year. One of the best features for this is bulk editing. Businesses are able to shift subscription renewal dates around releases/drops through PayWhirl’s app back-end. 

Advice from Post Familiar’s co-founder

Mr. Sowers says Post Familiar is very happy with PayWhirl and it’s wine club subscription management.

“I would recommend PayWhirl to anyone looking to extend their offering into subscriptions/re-curring payments. PayWhirl’s customer support is very responsive. As a web developer, I’m surprised how fast they get back to you.”

Jordan Sowers, co-founder, Post Familiar

What’s next for Post Familiar

Post Familiar hasn’t enabled PayWhirl’s customer accounts yet, but the company plans to incorporate that into the mix soon.

To learn more about how PayWhirl’s flexible payment options can bring subscriptions to your business, please reach out to us via the chat feature at