PayWhirl helps Vinovore take its inclusive wine club membership to the next level

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Vinovore specializes in women-made wine, beer and sake from the well known to the rare and small production. The company is passionate about supporting women-led, LGBTQIA+ and POC businesses, and makers/artisans of a wide range of goods and products. Wine is available via wine club membership or individual purchases either online or in shops in Los Angeles.

Why use PayWhirl to manage a wine club membership?

Vinovore found PayWhirl after looking for a more comprehensive and user-friendly app to manage its existing wine club membership program. The company now uses PayWhirl to manage its monthly wine membership program.

Vinovore Wine Club Membership

“Aside from generally working well with managing our subscriptions, it has been particularly beneficial in allowing us to offer local delivery and pick-up of subscription products, in addition to shipping—a feature which until recently has been sorely lacking in many ‘leading’ subscription platforms.”

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PayWhirl has been a huge improvement

Vinovore used another platform for years, and, though adequate initially, it failed to adapt. It fell particularly short with the changing nature of online sales as local delivery and pick-up became more and more critical to the success of small online businesses. The previous platform left lots to be desired creating custom products, discounts, and allowing users to manage wine club memberships. So ultimately Vinovore decided to look for a better solution.

“Shoppers are increasingly savvy (and demanding) when it comes to their ability to manage their purchasing options online. Feature-rich apps, and ease of use have made all the difference for us, and PayWhirl has provided both of those in managing our wine club membership program.”

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A final word

Vinvore hosts a podcast—WINEsplaining—which introduces listeners to the women behind the wine, and partners with local businesses for special events in the community. Fancy a rooftop sunset wine tasting? Don’t miss the monthly Vinovore Sunsets on the roof at Silver Lake Pool & Inn, the second Thursday of the month.

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