Bold Bean Co Subscription Box Management

Bold Bean Co uses subscription box management software to save the world with the best of beans

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Bold Bean Co is on a mission to save the world by making people obsessed with beans, by giving them the best of beans. All of the company’s premium jarred beans are heirloom, ancient varieties of beans which prioritize flavor over yield. They’re the best beans from each harvest, specially selected for quality. Customers can choose to one-time purchase or register for monthly delivery via PayWhirl’s subscription box management.

What sets Bold Bean Co’s beans apart from the competition?

  •  FLAVOUR-FIRST SOURCING – we source our beans from the best possible climate for each one. 
  • MAGIC BEANS – Our beans are ancient varieties which prioritize flavor over yield.  They’re the best beans from each harvest, specially selected for quality. 
  • COOKED WITH PATIENCE – Standard supermarket beans are cooked en masse and can lose nutrition and flavor along the way. We cook ours slowly, in small batches + pour the brothy beans into glass jars.
  •   PERFECTLY SEASONED – We season our beans throughout the cooking process like proper chefs do!  The natural bean flavor is enhanced in a way you simply CAN’T replicate. 
Bold Beans Co subscription box management

How did you discover PayWhirl’s subscription box management app?

The Bold Bean Co team was looking for a flexible online payment provider that could grow as sales volumne increased.

“Running a small business means you do a bit of everything! We discovered PayWhirl through the Shopify app store – it was the most flexible solution to begin with while we were seeing very few orders.” 

Bold Bean Co Team

How does subscription box management help you achieve your mission to save the world?

Amelia, Bold Bean Co’s founder, realized that beans can change the world, someone just needs to start spreading the gospel. She started the company to make premium beans available to a wider audience and convert others into “#beanchamps” along the way.

Offering customers a monthly subscription box makes it easy for other #beanchamps to commit to a sustainable, nourishing non-meat protein.

“We use PayWhirl for our bean box subscriptions – meaning our customers can have their beans delivered each month!”

Bold Bean Co Team

Advice from Bold Bean Co’s Team

“Offering subscriptions means you have guaranteed income month on month which can really help with your cash flow.”

To learn more about PayWhirl’s flexible, user-friendly subscription box management software, please reach out through the live chat on