Print Craft Cut bi-monthly subscription box

Bi-monthly subscription box offers Print Cut Craft community a regular crafting meet up

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Print Cut Craft teaches in person and virtual craft classes in addition to offering a bi-monthly subscription box. The Print Cut Craft community includes thousands of crafters learning to use their Cricut Die Cut Machine with the option to meet up virtually every other month to craft together.

Bi-monthly subscription box management recommendation

Traci Gibson, Print Cut Craft‘s owner, discovered the PayWhirl app by way of recommendation.

“Another subscription box owner, who is a techie, was telling us how great PayWhirl is. At the time, I was having issues granting Print Cut Craft customers access to a portal where they could self-manage their subscriptions. I wanted them to be able to change addresses, credit cards, and more. I have loved PayWhirl ever since switching over to them because the app is super easy to use! It did take minute to figure out the set up for bi-monthly subscription boxes, but we got it sorted out. And we’ve been off to the races ever since.”

Traci Gibson, owner, Print Cut Craft
bi-monthly subscription box craft club

A cut above the competition

“Prior to using PayWhirl we used other payment processors. Since we switched over, we have had zero issues. PayWhirl has helped Print Cut Craft because it cuts down on the number of customer support questions I have to address. That in itself is a major win.”

Traci Gibson, owner, Print Cut Craft

Advice from Print Cut Craft’s owner

“If you are wanting a reoccurring payment processor, you should check out PayWhirl. It’s super easy to set up, easy for customers to use, and has great tech help if you get stuck. I would highly recommend this app! We use it on Shopify, and one of my favorite features is the dashboard to get a quick glance of how many subscribers you have. There’s so much great information available right at your finger tips.”

Traci Gibson, owner, Print Cut Craft

To learn more about PayWhirl’s flexible, user-friendly subscription box management software, please reach out through the live chat on