A subscription model for digital marketing gives digitalXmedia a competitive edge

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digitalXmedia, a remote digital marketing agency, offers a subscription model so small businesses can pay for consistent, eXpert, marketing support at the level that works best for their needs and their wallet. The agency is passionate about its non-negotiable core values: flexibility, awareness, empathy and autonomy.

Subscription model

A subscription model for flexible online payments

The founders of digitalXmedia, Sanarr and Alexis, came across PayWhirl during a Google search. They now manage both one-time and subscription model payments using the app’s widgets, which are embedded on the digitalXmedia website. The agency’s clients use the convenient customer portal to manage their contact information, subscriptions and payment methods. PayWhirl integrates seamlessly with Stripe so that digitalXmedia clients can complete transactions via debit card, credit card, ACH payments and direct deposit.

“Before we found PayWhirl, we used a competitor’s product to manage bookings, payments and managing freelancer schedules. PayWhirl is much more flexible and addresses all our needs.”


A shared commitment to excellence

As small business owners themselves, Sanarr and Alexis have a deep appreciation for PayWhirl’s excellent customer service. The digitalXmedia team is passionate about doing what they know and love, and the PayWhirl team makes it easy for them to focus on that instead of worrying about the technical aspects of one-time and subscription model payments.

“Utilize PayWhirl’s integrations and support – [they] have always been very responsive and helpful!”


Advice from digitalXmedia’s owners

Whether you’re offering one-time consulting or ongoing subscription model services, digitalXmedia recommends businesses keep their products and services as simple as possible. PayWhirl streamlined several processes for digtalXmedia which freed up the business owners to focus on growth.

“Get to know the platform in full, and use it as your single source for managing customers – it will do a lot of the hard work for you. We’re looking forward to expanding our business and our relationship with PayWhirl in 2021!”


If you have questions about subscription model payments, please feel free to reach out through the live chat on https://app.paywhirl.com we’re here to help!

Team PayWhirl