Subscription composting and farm share service finds success with PayWhirl

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Neighborhood Compost is a subscription compost pickup service and farm share rooted in Hudson/Bergen County, New Jersey. The organization is committed to reducing waste and building community by collecting food scraps and delivering farm-fresh fruits and vegetables on weekly or biweekly schedule.

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Finding a subscription friendly e-commerce platform

Adison Evans, founder of Neighborhood Compost, discovered PayWhirl after many attempts to find a customizable e-commerce platform capable of catering to Neighborhood Compost’s various services and subscription offers.

“After the trial period and speaking to PayWhirl’s really helpful team, we committed to utilizing the platform for our business.”

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At Neighborhood Compost, every single transaction now goes through PayWhirl. The widgets Adison created are embedded into, where all of the company’s subscribers sign up. From PayWhirl’s app, the Neighborhood Compost team can invoice customers, manage subscription offers, utilize the automated email system, and elicit feedback to ensure their business model is efficient and effective for subscribers and internal team members.

“The analytics are really helpful, especially for this new venture. We can observe what subscription offers customers gravitate to and ones they do not, so we can navigate accordingly.”

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PayWhirl beats the competition

Prior to using PayWhirl to manage the compost and farm fresh delivery subscriptions, Neighborhood Compost briefly used Subbly. Unfortunately, it soon became clear that the competition didn’t offer as much customization as was necessary. Specifically, the subscription is only available regionally with no items to ship.

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Another thing that set PayWhirl apart from other subscription payment models is the extensive help & support offered through the website. The team of PayWhirl experts makes it easy to create and manage payment plans, subscription offerings, widgets, emails, and more. PayWhirl offers in-depth explanations that address nearly every step of the process to create a business’ payment infrastructure.

Advice from Neighborhood Compost’s owner

Adison attributes part of Neighborhood Compost’s success to learning precisely how the payment infrastructure and service offering works. She mapped out a clear plan, even drawing out a map on paper of how she wanted her widgets to look, where she want them to go, what plans they’re linked with, etc.

“We definitely recommend setting up several calls with the PayWhirl team! Not only did that help us discover the most effective way to portray the broad spectrum of subscription options we offer, but the PayWhirl team is super patient, helpful with brainstorming solutions, and overall, really cool people.

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To learn more about subscription based payment models, please reach out through the live chat on – we’re here to help!

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