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Disposable camera subscription service helps make unforgettable memories

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Snap-It is a disposable camera subscription service that offers customers a one-, two- or three-month delivery cycle. Customers receive a disposable camera with which they can take up to 27 photos. Once the camera is full, customers ship it back to the Snap-It developing studio in an included prepaid mailer. The photos are developed and uploaded to an online database where customers can save and share images.

Subscription service success

From the beginning, Snap-It’s Founder/Owner knew a subscription-based recurring payment model was key to to it’s success. Prior to partnering with PayWhirl, Snap-It tried a few competitive subscription service payment providers.

“After a short while using PayWhirl we knew it was the service for us. PayWhirl’s user interface makes it super easy to use the app on a day-to-day basis.”

Evan Senra, Owner/ Founder

Snap-It currently use PayWhirl to manage two subscription service boxes: the very popular “Disposable Camera Box” and the all-new “Film Club Subscription Box”.

disposable camera subscription service

PayWhirl’s subscription service payment support is unbeatable

Before working with PayWhirl, Snap-It used several other payment platforms. Unfortunately, they found many were either outdated or hard to use.

“One of the biggest benefits to partnering with PayWhirl is that they are consistently updating the platform around customer’s needs.”

Evan Senra, Owner/ Founder

Advice from Snap-It’s Founder/Owner

Evan Senra, Owner/Founder at Snap-It, has nothing but good things to say to aspiring entrepreneurs eyeing subscription service businesses models. In fact, he whole-heartedly recommends diving in head first.

“Having customers on a month-to-month subscription plan guarantees you a baseline profit. There are tough days, weeks, and months in marketing, but sales from subscriptions can help keep your business afloat. If you feel you have a good idea for a recurring payment business model, give it a try! It changed my life and could change yours too.”

Evan Senra, Owner/ Founder

To learn more about subscription service recurring payment models, please reach out through the live chat on – we’re here to help!

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