Accelerate Subscription Checkouts on Shopify with Shop Pay

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PayWhirl + Shop Pay’s accelerated checkout allows customers to pre-load their checkout details to speed up Shopify’s checkout process compared to Shopify’s traditional checkout. With Shop Pay, you can offer your customers one-click subscription checkouts that remember and encrypt customers’ payment details for billing and shipping.

Shop Pay for subscriptions on Shopify

What is Shop Pay:

Shop Pay is an accelerated checkout method that allows customers to save (among other things) credit card information to use on future purchases. Saving your customer’s payment information provides a more seamless path for future purchases. Ultimately, generating more sales by making it easier for your customers to checkout, and Shop Pay now supports subscription checkouts with PayWhirl.

What information does Shop Pay save?

  • Shipping Addresses
  • Billing Addresses
  • Credit Card details
  • Mobile phone numbers

What does this mean for Brands?

By adding Shop Pay accelerated checkout to Shopify’s checkout, you will see far fewer abandoned carts, finding more customers are completing checkout. This is shown by Shop Pay’s 70% faster and more efficient checkout compared to Shopify’s regular customer checkout. From Shopify’s reporting, customers have seen conversion rates as high as 1.72x on subscription checkouts.

What does this mean for your Customers?

Shop Pay’s mobile-optimized, accelerated checkout remembers and encrypts customer payment details for billing and shipping. Overall, making a previously clunky checkout a seamless one-click experience. Shopify’s reporting has shown a 4x faster checkout experience, with Shop Pay increasing your conversion rate leading to higher profits.

How do PayWhirl subscription checkouts integrate with Shop Pay?

PayWhirl’s accelerated checkout integration with Shop Pay now displays a “Buy with Shop Pay” Button directly below your “add to cart” button on most themes. Shop Pay will also be shown in Shopify’s native checkout if customers want to add multiple items to their cart and proceed to checkout from the cart page of your theme.

After selecting Shop Pay, your subscription customers will be redirected to a Shop Pay checkout page. As you can see (below), all of the customer’s information is pre-populated on the checkout page. With the payment and shipping information is already added, customers can now use Shop Pay’s one-click checkout feature to purchase their subscriptions

If you have any questions about subscription checkouts on Shopify, we’re here to help. Please let us know if you have any questions.

The PayWhirl Team