Subscription Service Hydration Specialists Blow Competition Out of the Water

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Mitigate Stress is an Orthodox Christian-owned small business offering a subscription service specializing in all things hydration. They teach others how stress from physical, chemical, emotional & spiritual sources creates more dehydration, leading to unneeded suffering. Mitigate Stress addresses the root causes through trigger point therapy, corrective exercise (postural & gait base), hydrating foods, proper supplementation, consistent movement & recovery habits while removing environmental stress.

A subscription service to mitigate stress

Mitigate Stress offers some of the highest quality products in its industry, so the company’s founders appreciate a commitment to excellence. That mentality persisted when they started researching apps to launch their recurring revenue model. They found PayWhirl through a Youtube video on the top subscription services for Shopify. Further research confirmed that PayWhirl would mitigate some of the business’s operational stress. From the day of their launch, Mitigate Stress has used PayWhirl’s app.

“We use PayWhirl to manage our subscription services and the seamless rollout of updates has been excellent for both customers and on our end.”

Mitigate Stress

Advice from Mitigate Stress’s owners

Always make your life easier, not harder! As a business owner there are enough hurdles to overcome. Choose solution-driven partners who streamline your operations so that you can focus on improving your products and services. Growing your business is much easier when you aren’t worrying about day-to-day fulfillment and payment complications.

“Our goal in implementing a subscription service is to make our products easily accessible for our customers as well as automating things on our backend. PayWhirl has delivered excellent results in both of those areas.”

Mitigate Stress

To learn more about our subscription payment models, please reach out through the live chat on Our team would love to hear more about your business so we can help take you to the next level.

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