Easy subscription management gives “Avophiles” year-round access to premium avocados

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California Avocados Direct sells gourmet, premium avocados which are picked, packed, and shipped same-day on from its farm directly to customers across the United States. The company offers several varieties of avocados so customers can enjoy avocados year-round as they come into their respective seasons. In addition to one-time purchases, the company also offers monthly subscriptions via PayWhirl’s easy subscription management app.

Farmer Ben’s story

California Avocados Direct operates from the Holtz Family Farm in Escondido, California, and is the creation of Ben Holtz. Farmer Ben is a fifth-generation avocado farmer. His vision is to provide avocado lovers (affectionately known as “Avophiles”) with a concierge-level avocado delivery service. So, each avocado received has been hand-selected, hand-packed, and shipped the same day. There is never any gassing, refrigeration, or conveyor belts as is typical in the large-scale avocado industry because these processes often negatively affect the quality and flavor of the avocado. Farmer Ben’s approach ensures pristine quality and farm-to-door delivery so customers experience taste and freshness that makes it feel like you picked the avocado from your own tree.

Finding PayWhirl through Shopify 

“We moved to Shopify and then I became familiar with PayWhirl through Shopify’s app suggestions. The platform solved a lot of problems we were having on our old online system and streamlined many of the difficulties we were experiencing. One of these big improvements was easy subscription management.” 

General Manager, California Avocados Direct
direct ship avocados with easy subscription management app

How has PayWhirl’s easy subscription management impacted your business?

“PayWhirl has greatly improved our administration and customer service abilities. We are proactive with each customer’s subscription information to achieve concierge level service for our customers. PayWhirl’s easy subscription management tools clearly communicate available products and the status of orders, shipments and each account’s subscription. Giving our customers access to this information has been key for us growing our business. PayWhirl also offers analytics, which has been a fundamental tool for strategizing our marketing and measuring our growth.”

General Manager, California Avocados Direct

Advice from California Avocados Direct’s management team

“Look for a third-party app that provides rapid and clear customer support because the tweaks and learning curve will be significant at the beginning. Once you get the hang of what the app can do you will want to push the envelope to use the app as a tool for growing your business. This is where customer service becomes key and PayWhirl has great customer service. Their support team always helps you with your vision not just solve the immediate task within their scope.”

General Manager, California Avocados Direct