Charity donations and coffee subscriptions unite with PayWhirl

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Southern Grinds Coffee LLC offers an extraordinary coffee that is specially designed to be stomach friendly. More than just a coffee provider, the company donates a portion of all sales to charity in support of adoptions.

Worry-free coffee

Millions of coffee lovers suffer from indigestion or heartburn after drinking coffee. Lisa Waterman, a registered nurse, founded Southern Grinds Coffee LLC after she and her husband, Rodney, noticed some coffees bothered their stomachs and some did not. After extensive research and testing Lisa and Rodney discovered how to make the most stomach friendly coffee on the market.

Studies show it’s not just the acid content of coffee that irritates the stomach. It’s the combination of compounds triggering a biological overreaction that increases stomach acid production. This causes indigestion, heartburn and other more serious issues. Southern Grinds Coffee LLC specializes in reducing or eliminating those negative compounds that trigger an upset stomach, acid reflux, and other frustrating stomach irritations.

“We empathize with coffee lovers who limit their coffee due to stomach discomfort. Through diligent ingenuity, our team delivers a variety of worry-free, premium coffee choices that anyone can enjoy.”

Rodney Waterman, co-owner, Southern Grinds Coffee LLC

The company offers single bags and also a variety pack which features several blends. Customers can choose between whole beans, ground beans or K-Cups depending on their preparation preferences.

charity tie in for coffee subscription

Finding a subscription service with charity compatibility

In addition to their empathy for coffee lovers who limit their coffee due to stomach discomfort, the Watermans are deeply passionate about supporting adoptions. They hope every child of every ethnicity can have a safe and loving home. To further that cause, Southern Grinds Coffee LLC donates a percentage of all sales to support adoptions.

It was the quest to find a subscription management service to add to their online store which would support their charity promotion that led the Watermans to PayWhirl.

“The combination of price, functionality and high reviews convinced us to go with PayWhirl.”

Rodney Waterman, co-owner, Southern Grinds Coffee LLC

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