Family-owned equestrian store launches subscription box membership

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Saddle Up Colorado is a family-owned business in Gilcrest, Colorado, specializing in all things equine. The business started in 1997 as a retirement hobby but quickly grew from referrals and a good, solid business ethic. Saddle Up Colorado has an amazing selection of tack and carries most leading equine brands and many of the tried-and-true cowboy brands on the market. Saddle Up also provides expert saddle fitting to our customers. The company also expanded its online sales with the Bangtail Box, a subscription box membership.

Launching a subscription box membership

Saddle Up Colorado’s newest venture in online sales is the Bangtail Box. The company launched the Bangtail Box to provide horse lovers and enthusiasts with a monthly subscription service filled with equine tack, rider accessories, horse health items, and more.

“We use PayWhirl to manage every aspect of our Bangtail Box subscription box membership. From processing recurring payments to managing subscribers and optimizing our customer experience, everything goes through the PayWhirl app. We’ve been very impressed with PayWhirl’s widgets and customer portal customization capabilities.”

Saddle Up Colorado Team
Subscription box membership

Advice from Saddle Up Colorado’s team

The Saddle Up Colorado team is excited to continue making deep personal connections with customers. Thanks to PayWhirl and the Bangtail Box subscription, it’s easier than ever to extend these relationships beyond the Gilcrest storefront.

“PayWhirl has helped us launch our subscription box membership as a seamless part of our current inventory. Our ability to create an awesome platform for our subscription service has undoubtedly been expedited by the help and support of PayWhirl’s support team and technicians.” 

Saddle Up Colorado Team

We’d love to hear more about your Subscription Box membership so we can help take you to the next level. Please reach out through the live chat on – we’re here to help!