Lawnbright offers custom lawn care with flexible subscription management system

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Lawnbright offers custom lawn care services using PayWhirl’s user-friendly, flexible subscription management system. Lawnbright uses only natural and organic fertilizers to create a custom lawn care plan for each customer’s specific soil type. After analyzing each customer’s lawn, a unique combination of products is delivered. The products arrive at the time they should be administered in precisely the right quantities – so there’s no measuring, no mixing, and no waste. Customers hook up to their hose and spray. Lawncare also constantly monitors it’s customer’s lawn conditions and sends helpful notifications with recommended care adjustments.

A flexible lawn care service

Craig Elworthy, Lawnbright’s owner and founder, discovered PayWhirl after an extensive search for a subscription management system with tight Shopify integration. Lawnbright relies on PayWhirl for a lot of the backend processes. The company offers multiple different subscriptions, which are unique within the subscription service industry since lawn care is very much a seasonal business. Subscriptions, deliveries, and box contents often change price throughout the season depending on the geography.

“A lawn care plan purchased in January in Florida is not the same price as a mid-season plan in July in Ohio. Paywhirl’s platform allows Lawnbright to quickly and easily modify subscription details at various times during the year and handle any number of customizations to subscriptions.”

Craig Elworthy, Owner and Founder, Lawnbright

Choosing PayWhirl’s subscription management system

Mr. Elworthy got Lawnbright’s engineering team involved early in the subscription management selection process. The team considered things he hadn’t yet, and brought their own perspective to the table. It was important to Mr. Elworthy that the engineering team felt invested in the decision making process, and they ultimately informed the decision. A year later it has paid dividends for everyone.

“We evaluated other payment platforms but ultimately chose PayWhirl because it was a breeze to manage and had the flexibility and Shopify integration that we were looking for.”

Craig Elworthy, Owner and Founder, Lawnbright

Advice from Lawnbright’s Owner

“Plan to spend a decent amount of time evaluating a payment platform. It’s not something you can easily rip out and replace, so it’s important to get it right from the start. It was critical to our business that the subscription backend was both flexible and automated, and we prioritized those aspects when comparing platforms. It took a while to step through all our options and sort out, but we couldn’t be happier with PayWhirl.”

Craig Elworthy, Owner and Founder, Lawnbright

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