Curio Spice offers sustainable spice blends with monthly subscription service

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Curio Spice is an independent, woman-owned benefit corporation and certified B Corp®. It specializes in sustainably produced spices and spice blends, sourced locally and from around the world. The company builds relationships with small-scale farmers, shares their stories through unique blends, and supports fair trade. Curio Spice also offers a monthly spice subscription service to members.

The Curious Spice Club

The Curio Spice team discovered PayWhirl while researching how to support the monthly spice subscription on its new Shopify site. The Curious Spice Club is a monthly spice subscription that sends recipients a unique spice or spice blend once per month, along with three original recipes and a note from Claire (Curio’s founder). The Curio Spice team uses PayWhirl to process payments and manage the Curious Spice Club subscription service.

“PayWhirl has been great for helping us manage the growing number of subscribers and allowing them flexibility such as skipping a subscription or putting a subscription on pause, and also allowing us to offer a prepaid subscription option where customers can give 6 or 12 months of membership as a gift.”

Samantha Putoš, Operations Director, Curio Spice
Subscription service monthly spice delivery

Subscription service management made easy: PayWhirl

Prior to using PayWhirl, Curio Spice was using SquareSpace’s native subscription management tools. Unfortunately, the options were fairly limited.

“We weren’t able to see the total active subscribers at any given time, or forecast new subscriptions, or offer prepayment. We also couldn’t edit any of the shipping information – so if someone moved, they had to cancel and resubscribe.”

Samantha Putoš, Operations Director, Curio Spice

Advice from Curio Spices’ Team

“Customers really value flexibility with subscription services – the ability to change the shipping address, and pause or skip shipments is really important. We’ve also had a lot of interest in the gift subscription this holiday season! One thing we’re still struggling with is the fulfillment side – it’s important to make sure the subscription processor integrates well with whatever fulfillment software you’re using. Gift subscriptions don’t roll in with dates, so we make use of tags to ensure we don’t miss shipments.”

Samantha Putoš, Operations Director, Curio Spice

Are you in the market for a monthly subscription service management partner? We’d love to hear more about your needs and help you find a solution – please reach out through the live chat on – we’re here to help!