Santevia’s flexible billing helps people access exceptional drinking water

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Santevia is a family-owned and operated water system company located in Vancouver, Canada. The company manufactures and produces at-home and on-the-go filters that remove harmful contaminants like chlorine and lead, and add back healthy minerals to promote overall health and wellness. In addition to filtration systems, the company offers filter subscriptions with flexible billing via PayWhirl.

These best in class products are tested by accredited third party laboratories to ensure Santevia exceeds filtration standards. The company takes its products and safety very seriously.

How did Santevia discover PayWhirl?

“We discovered PayWhirl through Shopify’s app store in search of a reliable, easy, and flexible billing system.”

Santevia Water Systems Inc.

How is PayWhirl’s flexible billing helping your business?

To provide customers with the best service, Santevia’s leadership team uses PayWhirl to manage automatic filter replacements. Having automatic delivery scheduling and flexible delivery is great – particularly from a customer service standpoint. Customers can shop worry-free and never miss a filter replacement!

“We have used ‘Shopify payments’, PayPal and many others. PayWhirl offers the greatest flexibility, and we’re very happy!”

Santevia Water Systems Inc.
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Growth through flexible billing has allowed Santevia to make a difference in the world

Healthy water should be available to everyone. Around the world, women and children walk for hours each day to collect dirty water full of harmful pathogens. This water can cause them to become sick and even die. Santevia wants to make a drastic difference in the lives of these people.

For each purchase of either the Gravity Water System or MINA Alkaline Pitcher, Santevia donates 100 days of clean drinking water to Ugandans living in water poverty. Santevia is on track to give 100,000 years of clean drinking water by the year 2030.

Advice from Santevia’s leadership team

Our customers love how easily they can adjust their subscriptions without the need to contact us.

Santevia Water Systems Inc.

PayWhirl can provide your customers with a seamless, flexible billing schedule that makes them value your brand’s customer care. Find out more by reaching through our live chat on