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Glitter Chimp subscription box – Powered by PayWhirl

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Glitter Chimp is a one-stop-shop for all your glitter needs and uses PayWhirl to power its subscription box. They sell glitter crafting products online and recently started their bi-monthly subscription box. Also launching this summer is an exciting new club called “Glitter Chimp Plus.”

They offer the best professional-grade polyester glitter available. The glitter comes in four varieties, and each has three different subtypes depending on its use. Their “specialty” glitter line comes in different types from glow in the dark, to UV reactive glitter and biodegradable, to name a few. With this many options, as well as crafting tools, accessories, and materials, their subscription boxes are always fun and exciting.

“PayWhirls’ system works great for us”.

PayWhirl was built with flexibility in mind so its platform can adapt in whatever ways you may need.

– glitter chimp

Glitter Chimp has tried a few other subscription box platforms but found their systems didn’t meet their exact subscription box needs. PayWhirl has an easy-to-use dashboard for managing subscription options. You can create payment plans and subscription widgets with just a few clicks.

To install the subscription widgets, you simply copy and paste the embed code snippets PayWhirl provides into your webpages. You can also customize your subscription box, and style PayWhirl easily to match your brand.

“Make sure the recurring payment platform is easy to use and that the widgets are easy to implement. “

– glitter chimp

If you are building a subscription business and have questions about recurring payments, subscriptions or PayWhirl, please let us know.