How 120/Life manages their subscription product sales

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120/Life is the first functional drink on the market for people with high blood pressure. PayWhirl provides 120/Life with the tools to offer their subscription product on both a subscription basis, and one-time basis. Every year billions of U.S. healthcare dollars are spent treating patients with heart disease and strokes; 80% of whom have high blood pressure. It’s time to start creating mass awareness about this to change and save lives; that’s what 120/Life is doing.

Each 8 oz beverage is made of a blend of 6 natural ingredients, each of which were chosen because they are the natural versions of popular blood pressure medications. This blend of ingredients can enhance blood pressure reduction in just 14 days of regular use. Tart cherries, cranberries, pomegranate, hibiscus, beetroot, plus magnesium: individually, they help improve blood pressure numbers, but together, they tackle them.

120/Life’s founder, Ira Antelis spent his life writing and producing music brands like McDonald’s and Gatorade, and pop artists such as Marc Anthony, Patti La Belle, Lifehouse, and many others. However, when diagnosed with life-threatening high blood pressure, he decided to look into alternative ways to treat the condition.

In the process, he ended up creating 120/Life, the first beverage for the 100 million Americans with high blood pressure. Then, with the help nutritionist Susan Schachter and his cardiologist Dr. Lowell Steen, Ira optimized 120/Life’s patent-pending formulation based on the results of scientifically-backed clinical trials on each ingredient.

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Subscription Plans

Paywhirl has a platform that can accommodate several varieties of subscription plans. Our pricing table widget allows customers to choose between plans, but not more than one plan at a time. This is ideal for membership situations where customers choose a specific tier as their plan.

However, customers are able to purchase multiples of the ONE plan if you enable quantity selectors in the widget settings; which is another feature 120/Life utilizes and appreciates. 120/Life uses PayWhirl to manage the sale of their product through subscription plans; because it helps them offer their product to customers with a simple, cost-effective way to purchase 120/Life for themselves or their loved ones.

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PayWhirls apps and integrations add functionality to your account. We have embeddable payment widgets that allow you to display payment plans for your subscription products to customers, provide a secure in-page checkout and much more. PayWhirl also easily integrates into any website by copying and pasting a snippet of code into your website builder. With PayWhirl you can configure what happens when a customer completes the checkout process.

Each payment plan you create has its own Shopify order settings option so you get to you decide the how and when orders are generated in Shopify. We have also made it so all items purchased will show up as actual line items on the order. This means integrating with fulfillment providers that pull orders from Shopify will be easier than ever. The functionality PayWhirl adds to Shopify makes 120/Lifes’ subscription products easy to buy and affordable.

Advice from 120/Life

Understand your requirements, ask good questions to make sure the platform fits your needs, and then test, test, test, before launch. Paywhirl’s customer support team was incredibly helpful with all the above.