The ultimate succulent subscription club, powered by PayWhirl

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Family owned and operated Mountain Crest Gardens has a history of innovation and growth in the succulents plants market.  PayWhirls’ flexible payment scheduling platform helps their subscription club thrive.  Founded in 1995 with just a few hundred varieties of succulents, they’ve grown to offer over 700 different named species only online. 

They’re a one-stop-shop for everything succulent; offering DIY ideas with every way they can be used with instructions, books, pots, accessories, and ornaments to start the list.  They have taken the market by storm, so it’s no wonder they’re featured in publications like Better Homes and Gardens, Wall Street Journal, and Garden Answer, just to name a few. 

It would be nearly impossible to manage the payments and subscriptions manually .”

Matts Jopson – Vice President


Mountain Crest Gardens started its “Ultimate Succulent Club” last fall.  After trying other payment processing platforms, they found PayWhirl. We have all the features they needed to manage their subscription club successfully. PayWhirl lets Mountain Crest control its memberships by giving them the ability to edit customer data; such as contact information, payment methods, invoices, payments, and subscriptions.  PayWhirl also provides customers with tools to control their own subscriptions. Customer Portal

There are also some advanced options, such as allowing customers to skip installments and the number of failed payments the system should allow before auto canceling the subscription.  Our automated systems can be easily integrated with 3rd party apps and services; which is one of the reasons PayWhirl works so well for Mountain Crest Gardens memberships club. 

“PayWhirl syncs reliably with the Big Commerce storefront.”


There are a lot of eCommerce platforms, payment gateways, and payment processing platforms out there. Because there are so many, getting all three platforms to work seamlessly without compromising the integrity of your business can be a challenge.  Mountain Crest Gardens discovered PayWhirl through the BigCommerce app store and configured PayWhirl so all of their subscription club orders will show up in the BigCommerce fulfillment system and reporting tools. PayWhirl integrates with BigCommerce orders, customers and themes seamlessly.

PayWhirl also offers a Custom Scripts App that tracks conversions and other types of analytics on widgets from third-party services we don’t already have integrations for.   You can also use the Custom Scripts App to prevent or allow checkouts from different countries and regions around the world. It’s a very useful tool to customize PayWhirl as needed.

“We have not used any other recurring payment platforms comparable to PayWhirl.”

Matts Jopson – Vice President

Mountain Crest Gardens gives you eight reasons to try out their subscription club on their subscription page, but their 15,500+ five star reviews are very compelling as well.  For a subscription club to survive and thrive, its payment platform has to work seamlessly with its eCommerce platform; that’s what PayWhirl is designed to do.  We help Mountain Crest Gardens manage its subscriptions and memberships by being flexible, functional, customizable, and affordable.

Advice from Mountain Crest Gardens

Above all else, make sure the recurring payment platform syncs seamlessly with your existing eCommerce platform; other-wise fulfilling orders will be significantly more complicated.   We have also found the best billing date is the afternoon of the 28th of each month.