How providing payment plan options helps lessen customers’ financial burdens with coach, Lindsey Bush.

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Lifestyle and fitness coach Lindsey Bush is helping moms believe in themselves again and get fit permanently for the right reasons. PayWhirls’ payment plan options help expand her clientele by helping make her products and services more affordable. Lindsey knows first hand the struggles women go through at different stages of life and she is here to coach you.

Lindsey’s no stranger to the countless methods for weight loss exercise and motivation. After years of trials tribulations, and countless money spent on trainers’ diets, and exercise videos she created The Empowered Method. It’s more than just diet, more than just exercise it’s acquiring a new philosophy on life.

“Ease of use is of paramount importance as I dont have time to spend hours learning how to use various platforms.”


Time and money are two things you don’t need to implement PayWhirls’ services. We have a cut and paste method making our platform easy to use; cutting out the need for a developer and “how-to” videos. You just need to copy one of the embed codes from the bottom of your widget settings page and paste it into the HTML of any webpage (or product page) on your website. Then you can customize each widget per your brand and website.

PayWhirl’s embeddable payment widgets contain everything customers need to complete purchases from your website. Using widgets, customers can select their desired payment plans, create an account, answer profile questions, add payment methods and checkout securely on your website. Our Tools are one of the reasons PayWhirl works so well for Lindsey Bush’s coaching business.

“I wanted a payment platform that was easy to use, but didn’t cost me an arm and a leg.”

Payment Options

PayWhirls’ payment platform is easy to use, but we also offer a variety of payment plan options you can offer your customers. No two people in this world are the same so being flexible with payments can go a long way. This is why our payment platform offers a variety of ways you can get paid by your customers.

Lindsey Bush utilizes the payment frequency tools of our platform. Since not all clients can “pay in full”, she has the ability to offer her services split into recurring monthly or weekly payments. Having this option has made her program affordable for those who can’t afford it all upfront.

Advice from Lindsey Bush

Recurring payments keep the customers head in the game because when they pay, they pay attention. It also allows flexibility to offer your customers a high ticket item with a more affordable way to obtain it. Remember to roll transaction fees into the pricing of your product if you don’t already to keep yourself more cost-neutral.